Now Missing People can gather everyone in the same PBX system

Hasse Lagervall, accountant and board member at Missing People

Missing People

A non-profit organisation that helps relatives and the police publish public messages and organise search efforts for missing persons.


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250 volunteers, where 3 are employed.

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About the company

Missing People Sweden is a non-profit organisation that helps relatives and the police by publishing public messages and organising search efforts for missing people. The organisation was founded in Gothenburg in 2012 and is a nationwide organisation with around 20 regional departments around the country.

Missing People

The challenge

The former bank clerk, Hasse Lagervall, wanted to do something for his society after retirement. When Missing People arranged a search effort in Hasse’s hometown of Trollhättan in 2013, Hasse joined the search group. Since then, he has been committed to the organisation.

Wants to help his fellow human beings

“You hope to be able to save a fellow human being. The police do a great job, but they don’t always manage to find the missing person. Missing People continue to search when the authorities have given up,” says Hasse.

Now Hasse is on the board of Missing People. He is also responsible for materials and ensuring the 30 local response groups have everything they need, such as vests, computers, and flashlights. His job is also to provide them with telephony so they can communicate.

“We now have around 250 active volunteers. As the organisation grows, the need to easily communicate with each other grows, and we are often in large search areas,” says Hasse.

Can avoid giving out private numbers

During the board’s annual meeting in 2020, the issue concerning telephony came up again, and Hasse was tasked with investigating suppliers and solutions.

“We needed a better telephony system. The volunteers had to give out their private numbers to the police, relatives, and the media during search operations. It isn’t suitable to be constantly called when sitting at your day job the next day,” says Hasse.

Hasse says they previously used Telia’s PBX system and contacted them and asked if they could adapt the solution to Missing People’s growing needs.

“We wanted more button options and the possibility of putting all 250 volunteers in the PBX system. But it required everyone to have a mobile subscription to Telia. It had become far too expensive. We are a non-profit organisation under construction and do not have these funds.”

Missing People-räddningspersonal

The solution

Hasse remembered that Telavox had contacted their office earlier and reached out.

“I quickly realised that Telavox fulfilled all our wishes. The strength lies in flexibility. We can have different subscriptions but still, be part of the same PBX system. This saves us a lot of money and administration,” says Hasse.

Now, Missing People could expand their button options and immediately start building more queues.

“We now have a queue for each region; one for police contact, media, patrol leader, and one where the volunteers can call if they want more information,” says Hasse.

Hasse-Lagervall-Missing People

Hasse Lagervall, accountant and board member at Missing People, is satisfied that everyone can have different subscriptions with Telavox but still be part of the same PBX system.

Set up the cloud PBX himself

Hasse set up the PBX mostly on his own and tried out different solutions with support from Telavox salesman Joakim Smedman.

“I received a lot of help from Joakim during the test operation. He probably got a thousand questions,” laughs Hasse.

The result

Today, volunteers don’t have to give out their private numbers anymore.

“Our volunteers just download the Telavox app on their mobile phones and verify their phone number. They are then a part of the PBX solution, completely free of charge, regardless of which operator they have! And then, they can give out the PBX number instead of their private one. Those who are part of our volunteer force and those who work at the office have regular mobile subscriptions,” says Hasse.

More surf and a better overview

Another bonus with gathering Missing People in the same PBX system is that everyone gets a better overview of who is part of the organisation and an up-to-date address book. Hasse also says that they will use mobile broadband much more.

“With our previous supplier, we could not have subscriptions linked to our router for cost reasons. That is why it is significantly cheaper with Telavox, as it is much easier for the administrator to buy surf. Before, we had to load a proof of value onto a router and connect via the interface. With Telavox, it’s just a few button presses in the Admin Portal,” says Hasse. He also avoids complicated invoices.

“With Telavox, we get a split invoice, divided and itemised in all regional departments. When you add a new user, you can register them to a certain cost center, and then the invoice will be linked to that.”

Telavox Customer Success Manager – already a part of the gang

Hasse is also delighted with Telavox’s unique customer service concept including the Customer Success Managers. They were relegated to one queue with their previous carrier and never met the same support person.

“Emelie Vass, our personal contact, is a member of our Telavox group, where she can follow our dialogues. She is like a part of Missing People. Some companies are good at selling themselves initially. But it is in daily, long-term work that the truth is revealed. Telavox has met all expectations.”


Emelie Vass, Customer Success Manager at Telavox.

“I was delighted when I was assigned Missing People as a customer! I really admire their work and passion for volunteering to help other people. Despite many users, the transition has been smooth since Hasse has full control and handles much of the administration himself, which is a large part of the whole concept. I am available in between. I look forward to a long and exciting collaboration with Missing People!”