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Licences make things simpler

With Flow we have replaced contracts with licenses. The licenses are not tied to a specific person, but can be moved around as required. This means you never have to think about cancelling or setting up new telephone contracts. You can take care of the administration yourself online. Clever, isn't it?

App, app, app

In our apps you can connect calls, open and close the switchboard, chat with colleagues, see who is calling even if the contact is not saved, make cheaper calls abroad and much, much more. It makes no difference which platform you are using. It is just as simple and synced everywhere.

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Browse the web and make free calls in the EU & Nordics

With Flow you can work where you want, when you want. Why not come up with the idea for next big thing at a sky bar in Paris, or hold the teleconference with your colleagues in Sweden at a laid-back coffee bar in Barcelona? Sign up now and we include roaming in the EU and Nordic countries in our mobile licences and Internet packages. Flow makes working simple and enjoyable, at all times.

Your personal Advisor

A dedicated contact

At Telavox all customers have a personal Advisor. Your Advisor is your dedicated contact, who will help you with everything from technical implementation to questions about billing and day-to-day support.

Knows your company's needs

He or she is intimately familiar with your company's needs and your chosen Telavox solution, and will ensure that you and your colleagues have exactly what your company requires, at all times. Just as it should be.

Smarter communication

Flow has everything you need to easily communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues. Ask your Avdisor about new features and tips to become more efficient.

A Scandinavian solution

Flow is a Scandinavian solution. This means that you and your Scandinavian colleagues can use the same platform when communicating and working together. Make calls to each other free of charge, chat, connect calls and use a shared PBX system whether you are based in Sweden, Denmark or Norway.

Adjustable PBX

With a PBX, your customers no longer have to wait on hold and they are greeted professionally by being automatically placed in the right queue. We make advanced PBX solutions simple. So simple in fact, that you can build and administer your PBX yourself. Because we have our own development department, we have the ability to integrate business systems and customise solutions to suit your business needs. We can even answer all your calls for you if you don't have the time to do it yourself.

Administer solutions yourself
You can easily carry out the administrative tasks yourself using Flow. Build the PBX, manage licenses, set up profiles and adjust the company's opening hours.
Tailored solution
Dig deep into the details and worship the features. Customise the solution to your needs, and those of the company.
Always updated
Keep up with all the updates. Or don't bother with them. Either way, you will always have the market's very latest solution. Truly evergreen.
App App App
For the user, the app is the hub in the entire PBX. Here you can connect calls, see the status of colleagues, chat and much more. Just as easy to use on your phone as from your computer.
Comprehensive statistics
Flow collects all the statistics you need to get a clear picture of incoming and outgoing calls. Telephony patterns are presented in stylish and simple graphs.
User friendly
No need for internal training sessions. It's easy to get started and anyone can use the app. No hardware, complicated technology or software updates.
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