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This is Flow

Telavox’s Flow service has everything a company needs for easy communication and collaboration with customers and colleagues, combining telephony and PBX in a single app. Flow makes your work easier, more enjoyable and more efficient, at all times.

Seriously good products (practically) sell themselves

Flow is a leading digital telephony and PBX service that is attracting a growing number of users across the world. At Telavox we provide all the assistance we can to our resellers. You will have access to a Partner Account Manager, professional marketing material, support and more.

A world-class partner

Telavox offers a world-class partner arrangement with competitive commissions. When you register as a reseller you can start selling Flow from day one.

Do you have what it takes to be a partner?

Telavox offers three forms of partnership that are designed to maximise the value of the business for your company. Read more about our partnership options further down and contact us here to find out more.


“Now that Flow is up and running our customers in particular are praising to the skies the solution that we have long been calling Tomorrow’s Telephony. The ease of use, proximity and pricing create “Flow” for us as reseller, opening up lots of new business opportunities!”


“As telephony is more than just a tone in the handset, our choice of operator/PBX provider is simple. Telavox is flexible, easy and fun to use, and suitable for companies of any size. Telavox helps us to gain satisfied customers that stay with us. A good product sells itself!”

Successful partnerships that make the difference

Leads partner

Our sellers work actively to help you develop your telephony business among your customers, allowing you to focus on your primary services and products.

  • A dedicated Telavox sales rep
  • Joint customer visits
  • Good compensation for a small effort
  • Easy to get started


Are you an active reseller of telephony and PBX services? Start selling Flow and help your company to grow profitably.

  • The market’s most competitive product
  • Generous compensation
  • A professional customer management tool
  • Easy order processing

Cloud Partner

Are you an IT provider that supports businesses with a range of smart IT services? Add Flow to your current range and increase your sales.

  • Generous compensation
  • Package Flow with other IT services
  • The market’s most competitive IT and telephony service