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Ease of use for challenging customers

Your best customers are the ones that ask for new features, better UI and a more consistent experience.
In-house software development is costly but with Flow For Telcos you ease into offering new products
and services - and grow your business at the same time.

Customer Experience -
As a Service

Flow - PBX, Collab and Contact Center

Your customers need and expect a State-of-the-art PBX with powerful intuitive features, such as unlimited queues, IVR, Callback and teleconference.

Thats and more is what they get when you offer them Flow. On top of that you offer them great Colab features such as built in Chat with multiple dynamic Chat Rooms, both on desktop, Android and iOS.

If your customers relies on incoming phone traffic, such as a Call Center and heavy Customer Support - Flow can offer the most extensive statistics on the market.

Tomorrows UX for your users today

With Flow for Telcos you can offer your businesses a range of Apps and services on all platforms. They’ll get the consumer grade UX that they expect from a modern vendor. And it's a future proof product since we continuously develop, expand and host the platform.

No upfront cost -
no installation

Pay as you grow

Flow for Telcos is available immediately and there is no installation cost - its pay-as-you-grow -model. Both for you and your future customers. It requires no staff training and scales with the business you get.

It’s in the cloud

Since its PBX as a Service there is no installation, no cost for new hardware - its all in the cloud. Flow for Telcos is safely hosted and managed by Telavox, that also means that we continuously develop and update the products and services, with no effort from you or your customers.

The Big fish -
The small customer

Online self signup

Flow comes with a freemium offer to let customers try the product before they commit to the Premium version.

With this self-sufficient sales journey you reach the huge SME and SOHO segments. Businesses sign up and onboard themselves online, with no sales effort from you. Sales without sales staff!

Minimize support - maximixe satisfaction

Flow have clear UX and intuitive UI - making manuals a thing of the past. The need for support staff is also minima - keeping the user self-sufficient, confident and happy!

Too good to be true - it’s already live in Scandinavia!

Now at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we launch Flow for Telcos throughout the world. Telavox, is a Swedish fixed and mobile operator since 18 years. 10 years ago we released our first App which evolved to Flow. Today have 20% of the B2B market share in Sweden with more than 250.000 active daily users in the whole of Scandinavia.

Sounds interesting - Book a meeting with Henrik and colleagues at MWC Barcelona.