Dogman consolidated their telephony for the entire Nordic region with Telavox

Andreas Persson, IT manager at Dogman


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Dogman had a messy and scattered telephony solution. They switched to Telavox and thus consolidated their customer communication – not just for the entire Nordic region, but also for Spain. Here, Dogman’s IT manager explains how the change has simplified their business.

About the company

Andreas Persson is IT manager at Dogman and has been with the company since 2009. During his time, he has worked as a warehouse manager and in the company office as a buyer. He has been IT manager since 2020. Andreas says that his various roles have helped him understand the company better.

“It has made me familiar with the flow of the company and how it operates. That way you can see what opportunities there are for improvement.”

Andreas Persson, IT manager at Dogman.

The challenge

One of the improvement opportunities that Andreas identified was the company’s telephony. He saw that their telephony differed from country to country, which required a lot of administration.

“Several parties were involved and everything had to be synchronized. It created a lot of extra work, and problems took time to solve. It was hard work. We wanted a solution that was administratively simple. Since we operate in several countries, we saw advantages in bringing everything together under one roof.”

The solution

Andreas was contacted by Isak Söderlund Schulz and Oscar Schmiedtke Persson, salespeople at Advisera.

“They listened to our needs and based on that we concluded that Telavox was the best solution.”

Isak and Oscar have the primary support responsibility for Dogman.

“Dogman is a unique company because they are located in different countries but have centralized their IT administration in Sweden. It was important for them to be able to manage everything from one place,” Isak says.

Oscar saw that Dogman had a lot to gain from switching to Telavox.

“By administering everything from one system and one country, Dogman can save a lot of time.”

Isak Söderlund Schulz and Oscar Schmiedtke Persson, Advisera.

The art of onboarding the entire Nordic region

Before they could start using Telavox’s solution, they needed to make the switch itself. Andreas describes the onboarding process as extensive.

“Many numbers needed to be ported. Isak and Oscar were very involved in the process.”

Isak and Oskar personally added the thousands of numbers that needed to be ported in Dogman’s system, and held PBX workshops where they went over the different structures of the departments.

“We wrote a script for their answering service and sent guides on how to record voice messages for each individual store,” Isak says.

Dogman and Advisera put a lot of emphasis on the PBX especially, Andreas says.

“It is important that customers know how to get to where they are supposed to when they call a store. For example, we have a fur trimming service which we were able to add to the IVR: ‘Press 1 to get to that department and press 2 for opening hours.’ It is very easy to manage in Telavox.”

Andreas Persson, IT manager at Dogman

The result

As the primary person responsible for Dogman’s IT and telephony, Andreas’ time is limited. When he sometimes needs help he receives support from Advisera.

“If there is something that we don’t know how to do, then we have Advisera and Telavox’s support page which is very accessible and clear. The support is much faster now – which is a must for making sure things operate smoothly.”

Crucial support from Advisera throughout

Andreas explains that Telavox has exceeded his expectations and that the change has been well received in the organization. Much of this is due to Advisera’s involvement.

“Oscar and Isak do a fantastic job. It would have been tough without them. They have been highly involved throughout and they are very competent. It is important as a customer to receive that help.”

Great improvements after switching to Telavox

Andreas has seen big differences in the way he works after switching to Telavox. 

“Telavox is incredibly user-friendly and you can do so much yourself. It is simple and straightforward. You can keep it simple, but there is a lot you can do in the solution. There is a huge difference between how it was then and how it is now.”

“Today I can activate SIM cards and other things myself. That wasn’t possible with our old supplier. We have saved time and we have a better platform today. It would have been tough if we still had the old telephony solution,” Andreas says.

As salespeople, Isak and Oscar see many advantages with Telavox.

“It’s a lot of fun selling Telavox – we have a very good collaboration with our point of contacts, Rickard Isberg and Nikola Eriksson. There is no other product on the market like Telavox,” Isak says.

“Selling Telavox really means selling a solution. Being able to solve a customer’s problem is wonderful,” Oscar says.