We enable cloud based MVNOs

Fully automated MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Complete value chain. Websites and apps. Platform as a service. No technical competence required.

Why become a next generation MVNO?

Increase customer value through mobile services

Do you have access to a large customer base and want to expand your product portfolio and revenue? Mobile subscriptions combined with your existing value propositions enhances customer relationships, ensure recurring revenue and extends the customer lifecycle; increased customer lifetime value.

Reach the next level with unique bundles

Have you considered to become a mobile operator ? We will integrate our virtual mobile operator platform with your existing services to enable your next bundles to your customers. This will drive your revenue and customer loyalty to the next level. Several other companies have already done it!

Are you currently a mobile operator?

Several mobile operators experience system legacy. We can enable you with future-proof billing (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS) to gain efficiency and flexibility. Our communication as a service platform provides you with an outsourced technology organization, so you can focus on marketing and sales.

Enabling Mobile Virtual Operators

Telavox MVNO is a «one stop shop» supplier for mobile operator services with automated value chains and applications to create smart and efficient next generation mobile operators.

Fits companies of all sizes

Our solution is scalable to both small and large companies - with low threshold to get started.

Hosting and maintenance are of course included in our Platform as a Service based solution. Your organization do not have to worry about technology competence - so your efforts can be focused on marketing and sales of unique go-to-market models.

One mobile ecosystem

Our platform contains all integrations and applications for a next generation operator; efficient customer sign-up, onboarding, apps, billing solutions and more - all custom made in your operator brand profile

Fast-track to market

Telavox deliver an operator out of the box solution set-up in 3-6 months with competitive conditions.

We deliver cross border solutions for efficient and scalable operations in key markets.

Telavox MVNX

A one-stop-shop supplier for mobile services with automated value chain to create smart and efficient next generation mobile operators.

Easy to deliver

3-6 months implementation time. Fully integrated value chain with sign-up, apps and payment handling.

Easy to integrate

Comprehensive API hub. Direct integration to customers’ business systems.

Easy to manage

Automated value chain throughout the end-user life cycle. Customer care interface with direct network access.

Contact us

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business. Reach out to our Norwegian Commercial Manager, Erik Trondsen.