Call recording

Record phone conversations for better training, security and legal compliance.

What is call recording?

Telavox's call recording add-on feature allows you to capture and store audio recordings of your phone conversations. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or team leader, this feature empowers you to review, analyse, and improve your communication processes.

Automatically activate recording when a call starts

Choose which users, profiles and queues should be recorded. Recording starts automatically, reducing manual work and allowing your agents to focus on delivering the best customer service.

Customise call recording settings to meet your business needs

With flexible customisation options, you can use call recording to fit your specific legal or business requirements

Store recordings natively or export to other platforms

Manage your data securely in a way that works for you and your business. Telavox stores all your recordings for 2 years. To store them for longer or to manage recordings on other platforms, you can easily export them automatically via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server.

Any device

No matter how you work, we make call recording efficient, easy and secure. Call recording is available on mobile, landline and softphone platforms.

Manage permissions

Keep your processes secure and protect caller privacy by managing user permissions. Admin users can determine which users’ calls are recorded, as well as which users can access and listen to their own or other people’s recordings.

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