Simpler admin. Happier customers. Higher earnings.

Telavox gathers telephony, PBX services, chat, meeting, and contact center in one simple platform.

The platform

A flexible platform that strengthens your company

The corporate world is constantly changing. Telavox is a scalable platform giving you the best conditions to succeed in your business.

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A single place for all communication

Collaborate with colleagues. Communicate with customers. Anywhere. Anytime. We have built a platform allowing your customers to reach you in all channels – telephony, PBX services, chat, meetings, and contact center.

Scalability on your terms

Instead of subscriptions, we offer licenses completely independent of users and numbers. That means they can be easily moved between users or terminated. Scale your PBX up and down without expensive start-up fees.

Telavox – an operator for the entire Nordic region

Telavox cooperates with the leading mobile operators throughout the Nordic region. As a virtual operator with a communication platform and contact center solution, we can offer you a unique combination. With Telavox you access eSIM, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi calls.

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Buyer's guide: How to choose the right cloud PBX

Our checklist helps you make the right choice.

You’re in control

Simple administration and complete control

Why wait for your PBX vendor to fix things when you can do it yourselves? With Telavox, you’re in control – whether it is user administration or advanced PBX functions. And with a single invoice, you have all costs under control.

An admin portal giving you control

Set up a new PBX in a few hours – instead of weeks. Modules make it easy for the administrator to build, modify, and terminate PBX functions independently. With Telavox, administrators can keep a close eye on the statistics. Manage users, licenses, costs, and security in one interface. In our admin portal, you can add and remove SIM cards, increase data, manage PIN and PUK codes, etc.

One agreement, one invoice

Get one invoice a month for all services and countries, with a clear division based on the workplace. Move users, services, and products between cost centers for better overview and control. See how much data you use, how many calls you make, and how many messages you send.

Powerful statistics

Statistics are only useful if transformed into insights. With Telavox, critical business information is just a few clicks away. Service levels, waiting times, and call volumes allow you to make crucial decisions that improve your customer service.


Safe and smooth onboarding

We guarantee high-quality service, a stable network, and short installation times.

Never waste time nor money

Switching telephony providers can feel overwhelming. What happens if something goes wrong? There’s no need to worry. Your Customer Success Manager will help you through the entire onboarding. The platform is so simple that your colleagues are up and running without hassle in no time. The money you invest in the exchange you win back in no time.

With you along the way

Your company receives help from a Customer Success Manager who leads the project implementation. In addition, they take care of the training of your staff, operational support, and management. Your contact person is a business development partner.

"Telavox is such a flexible service. It’s so easy to administer the PBX yourself."


See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.