One supplier.
One agreement.
The entire world.

A UCaaS platform for enterprise companies with telephony, PBX, chat, meetings, and contact center in an accessible platform.

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Telco shouldn't be a hassle

Why wait for your PBX supplier to make changes when you can do it yourself? With Telavox, you're in control, whether it's administrating users or advanced PBX functions.

An easy-to-use PBX

The apps and programs we use in our everyday are intuitive and easy, so why should your PBX be any different? Telavox makes it easy to manage communication – internally as well as externally.

An admin portal where you're in control

With Telavox, you as an admin can keep an eagle eye on your stats. Manage users, licenses, costs and security in one interface. In our admin portal, it's easy to add and remove SIM cards, top-up data packages, handle PIN- and PUK-codes and so much more.

Flexible telco options

Fixed and mobile telephony with flexible licences, data packages and roaming options. Easy to customise to fit your business needs.


Scalability at its best

Enterprise companies need the right conditions to expand. We're there for you when you need to take the next step.

Keep growing with us

Telavox is great for enterprise companies that are growing. Our service can handle large amounts of traffic and works without fault in several geographic locations. Telavox is scalable, which allows us to meet your demands as you expand.

A solution unbound by borders

Telavox is used by over 350,000 users across 60,000 customers. With one and the same supplier, you'll reduce your administration significantly. One supplier means one agreement and a comprehensive overview.

Telavox – an operator

Telavox cooperates with leading mobile operators. As a virtual operator with a UCaaS platform and contact center solution, we can offer you a unique combination. With Telavox, you get access to eSIM, VoLTE and Wi-Fi-calling.


A solution you can depend on

Developed in Sweden. 99,98% uptime. ISO-certified services.

Unbeatable uptime

Our cloud services keep a consistent uptime at 99,98 percent. That's thanks to multiple separate data centres with a dedicated and fully redundant fibre backbone.

Compliance without confusion

All personal data, including recorded calls, are managed according to the GDPR. Telavox gives you the tools you need: Handle access levels in detail and read log files.

Encryption ensured

All web and voice traffic over the Internet can be encrypted. This is built on modern industry standards such as TLS 1.2+.


Buyer's guide: How to choose the right cloud PBX

Our checklist helps you make the right decision.


Support through thick and thin

We guarantee top-notch service, robust coverage and fast implementation.

Easy onboarding

It can be scary to switch telephony provider. Will there be any downtime? What will happen to the phone numbers? Don't worry – we'll help you.

Always by your side

Your company will be assisted by a Customer Service Manager that'll supervise the implementation. This person will also educate your staff and administer the changes. He or she is a partner for business development. Enterprise customers with SLAs have a guaranteed response time of two hours.

Read more about our support team

“Telavox is such a flexible service. It’s so easy to administer the PBX yourself.”

– Veronica Johansson, Head of PBX and Apps at Persson Invest.

See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.