Simple, efficient, and personal communication

Telavox gathers telephony, PBX services, chat, meetings, and contact center in one user-friendly platform.


All-inclusive business communication

Smiling person with earphones in front of laptop.
All communication in one single app

We have built a platform that handles all communication channels: telephony, PBX services, chat, meetings, and contact center. Collaborate with colleagues. Communicate with customers. Anywhere. Anytime. Find the most valuable features included in the packaging. Why complicate things?

No unpleasant surprises on the invoice

Instead of adding infinite functions that increase costs, almost everything is included in Telavox. You get crucial tools to improve your customer service, increase productivity and revenue, and lower costs.

Truly evergreen

We built our platform ourselves and went from a local telephony provider to an international communications company. We have over 80 internal developers ensuring our platform is continuously updated. We regularly implement updates without you having to notice any issues.

Smiling person with earphones in front of laptop.

Buyer's guide: How to choose the right cloud PBX

Our checklist helps you make the right choice.

You are in charge

Simple admin in a scalable solution

It’s more important than ever for companies to use scalable software that keeps up with the ever-changing conditions in the business world.

Solve almost everything by yourselves

With Telavox, you can handle the administration of your PBX and telephony, your licences, and your users, which will free up time and resources. Set up a new PBX in a few hours instead of weeks.

Excellent overview = customised solution

We dare to say that we have the market’s less complicated administration. This simplicity gives you complete control of users, licences, PBX, and data. If you realise you don’t use certain functions, you can easily adjust it with a few clicks.

Flexible data plans

With our data plans, you can scale up and down according to season. Maybe you need extra data during winter and less in the summer. You can easily adjust this yourself in our admin portal.

Smooth workdays

Make life easier for colleagues

Work seamlessly – from the office to the field

Your colleagues administer most tasks themselves. In the mobile app, they connect calls, log in and out of the PBX, and set the profile at lunch. It saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on what creates real value for the business.

Work from the platform of your choosing

Get the same experience in the app as in the web browser. With mobile integration, user-controlled profiles, and control over the displayed number, you can work efficiently – wherever you are.

Integrated solutions

See real-time information about incoming calls and chats via your website. Respond and help customers in the same app you use to communicate with your colleagues.

Safe and personal support

Telavox support – a shoulder to lean on

Personal service – for real

With Telavox, you get your own contact person who helps you with everything from onboarding to setting up your PBX properly. They answer questions about both invoices and telephone policies. It's your shoulder to lean on when it comes to everything in business communication.

95,9% of all calls are answered within two minutes

We answer 95.9% of all calls within two minutes and emails within 24 hours on weekdays. So the support is never further away than your phone.

"Telavox is such a flexible service. It’s so easy to administer the PBX yourself."


See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.