Verify callers’ identity. Add extra security and efficiency with BankID.



Don’t share sensitive information with an unknown caller. Our integration with BankID allows you to authenticate the caller’s identity, so you know exactly who you’re speaking to. Security and efficiency, with Telavox & BankID.

Who is it for?

BankID is used by thousands of businesses and customers in Sweden every day. Any company which operates in Sweden, and wants to verify their customer’s identity during interactions can benefit from the integration.

How it works

PBX Verification

Verify the caller even before they’re directed to an agent. Add BankID verification to your PBX, so your caller can confirm their identity themselves while waiting for an agent. Your agent then knows exactly who they’re speaking to when they answer the call, saving you time and increasing security.

Agent-triggered verification

Verify identity during a call. Customer support agents can trigger a verification request while a call is taking place. It’s perfect for confirming an identity before discussing sensitive information, or to confirm changes to an account. Trigger a request directly via SMS, or input the caller’s social security number for a manual request. The caller can confirm their identity quickly and securely, and your agent can see their details in seconds.


Getting started

To integrate BankID with Telavox you need:

  • Agreement (with bank or reseller).
  • FP-certificate.

  Read how BankID themselves describe this process here. Admin users can find BankID in the Telavox App Directory. Follow the installation instructions and upload your certificate to get started. If you wish to add BankID to your PBX, you need to record sound prompts. Already a Telavox customer? Check out our support & installation document

Questions about integrations?

Contact sales, your Customer Success Manager or one of our certified partners to learn more.