Seamless communication -
from production to distribution.

More efficiency, greater customer satisfaction.

A single platform for every location

Make and receive calls, manage your queues and handle administration – on any device, anywhere.

Construction foreman in hard hat talking on the phone
Any device, any platform

Telavox’s telephony solutions can be used anywhere, with one simple, seamless platform. Whether it’s desktop, mobile or landline, everything is connected and can be used however you choose.

Mobile workforce

With mobile integration, user-regulated profiles and control of which number to show, you can work effectively – regardless of whether you're at the factory or in the office. From answering calls to managing your PBX, you can do it all on the go.

International functionality

Think global. Telavox allows companies to use a single solution across borders. And with our generous roaming options, travelling is a piece of cake.

Construction foreman in hard hat talking on the phone

Scale up – or down – quickly and easily

Whether you're scaling up or adapting to seasonal changes, you need a flexible solution that fits your changing needs.

Grow with a scalable solution

Scale up and down according to your needs. Telavox is a flexible solution that you can manage without external help, regardless of where you’re located. Instead of subscriptions, we offer licences that are independent from users and numbers. You can easily transfer these between users. Adjust PBX packages as you like, without expensive start-up fees.

Ridiculously easy admin

We dare say that we have the easiest admin on the market. You get a complete overview of users, licences, the PBX and data packages. You can scale up and down according to seasonality with a few clicks. With easy DIY admin, your IT department can focus on more important tasks.

Stats for smarter staffing

Get statistics on answer ratio, missed calls, active queue members and much more. Our valuable insights on seasonality and demand make it so much easier to manage your staff before hectic times.

Better telephony means a better experience – for you and your contacts

In manufacturing, time is money. Don’t waste time trying to figure out who’s calling and where their call should be redirected. Let our automatic PBX save you time and money.

Don't miss a single call

Efficient call management makes things easier for you, your customers, and suppliers. Thanks to detailed stats, you can staff smarter and handle your queues with the click of a button, so calls never go unanswered.

Effective response for higher efficiency

Direct calls to the right place every time with smart routing. With enhanced caller displays, you have all the info you need to respond to callers quickly and efficiently.

More time for what matters: your customers

Company telephony doesn't have to be a hassle. Why endure long waiting times and costly consulting when you can make changes on your own? This frees time so you can focus on other tasks.

"Since we switched to Telavox, our telephony expenses have decreased by 40 percent."


One solution for digital transformation

One supplier. One system. One contract. With Telavox you get a unified solution, wherever you are.

A complete solution

See info in real time about incoming calls and chat through your website. Answer and help customers on the same platform you use to communicate with your colleagues.

Integrate with your favourite platforms

Work more efficiently by integrating Telavox with CRM tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Make calls in Microsoft Teams, streamline your workflows in Salesforce, see all stats in Power BI or authenticate callers with BankID.

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Real time collaboration

Just-in-time supply chain requires seamless communication in real time. Share information, documents and updates in real time on the same platform to ensure everyone is on the same page.

"We chose Telavox because it made everything so easy."

– Magnus Henrichson, Head of IT at Löfbergs.

Safe and personal support

With Telavox, you get truly personal support. From the onboarding and beyond.

Your own contact at the company

With Telavox, you're assigned a Customer Success Manager that helps you with everything from onboarding to setting up your PBX. It's a shoulder to lean on regarding everything related to company communication.

95,9% of all calls are answered in within two minutes

During weekdays, 95,9% of all calls are answered within two minutes, and emails get a reply within a day. Support is no further than your phone.

See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.