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Last updated: [30 Aug 2021] Introduction Telavox AB (“Telavox”, “we”, “us”, “our”) uses cookies in order to optimize the functionality and improve your experience. We also use cookies to collect statistical information and analyze how our website is used using Google Analytics as well as to show relevant marketing from us on Facebook and other websites. Cookies are small text files that the website asks to save on your computer or other device. Considering their duration, there are two types of cookies; persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored by a web browser for a longer period of time and will remain valid until its set expiry date (unless erased by the user before the expiry date). Session cookies are temporary cookies that are automatically erased when the web browser is closed. Cookies may also fall into two general categories: First party cookies (which is set by us) and third-party cookies (which are set by for example providers of external services like web traffic analysis services). Which cookies do we use? The cookies are assigned to one of four categories, depending on their function and intended purpose; necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and targeted cookies.

How to avoid cookies If you do not want cookies to be stored in your browser, you can set up your browser to automatically deny cookies or to inform you each time a website requests to store a cookie. You can view which cookies are stored through your browser and delete them. Without the necessary cookies, our website will not work properly, as it limits our ability to remember your choices. If you choose to change your browser settings, you may find that certain functions and features will not work as intended. More information about cookies If you want more information about cookies or information about what is considered as allowed use of cookies according to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act you can visit the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s website: Updates Telavox will amend this information if it is necessary to fulfill the requirements under applicable laws and regulations or if it is necessary due to changes in Telavox’s operations. Therefore, please revisit this page to stay informed about our use of cookies. The date at the top of this page indicates when it was last updated. Who is responsible for the use of cookies? Telavox AB, Reg. No. 556600-7786, is responsible for the use of cookies at our website If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies or this cookies policy, do not hesitate to contact us. The following is Telavox’s contact information: Telephone number: +46 (0)40-622 00 00 Address: Stora Varvsgatan 6, SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden Email: