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The Forrester Wave™: UCaaS, Q3 2023

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UCaaS built to empower the modern workforce

There's an opportunity for every single operator out there. Companies of all sizes have an unaddressed demand for cloud-native and packageable UCaaS platforms that scale. Become a Telavox white-label UCaaS provider and give your customers what they’re looking for.

Fits companies of all sizes

The early adopters of UC platforms were mainly larger enterprises rather than small and medium-sized businesses. Because smaller companies need simplicity and flexibility. On-premise solutions don’t fit those criteria, but so does Telavox’s native cloud solution.

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One platform, any device

Telavox makes workdays great and customers happy. Work from any device in any channel. Regardless of where a call happens – over cellular, PSTN, or the internet – the experience and features are the same. Switch seamlessly from the mobile to desktop app.

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Cloud-based and mobile-driven

In the Nordics, 80% of the workforce have corporate mobile phones, and 65% use a UCaaS. The rest of the world will follow, and it has already started. Our UCaaS is sophisticated, affordable, and secure. It’s the PBX that grows your customer's businesses.

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Integrates seamlessly

Get maximum productivity by integrating Telavox with Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, Power Bi, Freshdesk, Google, or other services of choice. Your customers can connect all their systems to Telavox and streamline their workflows.

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The best experience for your customers

A freemium model for the telco industry

The consumer behaviour of try-before-you-buy SaaS products has reached B2B. Customers expect to test the product before investing in it. Shorten the buyer journey by letting them try the service free of charge – a free license and self-sign-up experience offer a low-cost path to customer acquisition.

Consumer-grade user experience

With Telavox, the user experience is smooth. The interface is similar to social apps customers use in their everyday. With Telavox, you get a UCaaS platform you can use with or without an app - customers can use the native dialer or a feature phone and still enjoy the benefits of the PBX services.

Customer lifetime value

Telavox's user-centric UCaaS service has a high customer lifetime value. The user experience is essential and integrated with your digital ecosystem. Use any terminal or device. The native dialer will drive usage, and that's what matters.

Your brand, powered by our technology

Empower your brand and build company value

You get an app with your own brand, completely reserved for your customers. Your logo. Your colours. Turn the Telavox UCaaS platform into your product.

Succeed with our marketing playbooks

We will let you in on all of our marketing and sales secrets. A stack of marketing playbooks regarding strategies, tactics and messaging is waiting for you.

The perfect partner in tech

A business model that suits you

We are so confident that our product will drive usage that you won't have to pay for a seat up-front. We will send you an invoice when your customers get theirs. What’s more, you are never on your own: a dedicated partner manager will help you succeed.

We are an operator – just like you

We are also an operator, so we understand what you need to succeed. We will let you in on all of our experiences and secrets in marketing, sales, support, and go-to-market strategies.

100+ developers securing an evergreen solution

Some vendors simply add to someone else's tech and have little power to innovate. Telavox is a proprietary platform developed in-house. As features and integrations are released or updated, your customers benefit – at no additional cost to you.

Next steps


Kick-off meeting with the Operator Business team at Telavox.


For mobile operators, the integration typically requires 1-2 core engineers for 8-24 hours of effective working time.

User testing

For mobile operators, we typically involve 5-15 customers and internal stakeholders to qualify and test the service.


We provide you with training on everything from packaging to single-line and multiple-line adoption.


A detailed technical meeting where we discuss automation enablers and APIs.


We can help you set up your brand in the app, admin portal, and on agreements.

See Telavox in action

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