Make calls via Hubspot or access your Hubspot info directly in Telavox.


Two platforms, seamless integration. With Telavox for HubSpot you can improve your employees’ efficiency by integrating Telavox services directly into HubSpot. With multiple ways to integrate, you can work in whichever way suits you best.

Hubspot CTI  – Use Telavox in Hubspot

Use Telavox’s telephony features and make calls directly within Hubspot.  Allow your agents to focus on the conversation instead of switching back-and-forth between tools. Get the information and functionalities you need inside HubSpot, while saving valuable time and minimising distractions.

Hubspot Contact Lookup – Use Hubspot in Telavox

Our contact lookup integration pulls information about incoming callers directly from Hubspot. That means you know exactly who you’re talking to before you even answer the call.

Need more info about the customer? You can easily view their profile with a single click – no need to manually search on another platform during a call.

Who's it for?

If you’re using Hubspot, we recommend using our integrations to enhance your telephony experience. You can choose the integration that best suits each team member.

Hubspot CTI

This integration is best for making outgoing calls whilst still having access to Hubspot’s key features and contact info. It’s mostly used by sales teams, or other users who want to regularly make outgoing calls from within Hubspot.

Hubspot Contact Lookup

This integration is perfect for anyone who regularly receives incoming calls and needs easy access to customer information. It’s mostly used by customer service teams, or other users who mostly work within the Telavox telephony platform.


How it works

Hubspot CTI

Make calls using Telavox’s telephony directly from the contact card in Hubspot. Get the whole Telavox web app embedded in your CRM with complete softphone capabilities such as receiving, placing and transferring calls (incl. click-to-dial), muting and putting the caller on hold.

Hubspot Contact Lookup

When you receive a call within the Telavox platform, our API will automatically look up the caller’s info in Hubspot. You’ll see key details directly in the call widget, as well as a handy link to view the caller’s profile if you need more information.

Key benefits

How to setup the integration

Select the integrations from the Telavox app directory and follow the installation instructions. Use the admin portal to assign licences to your team. You can assign more than one Hubspot integration to the same user.

Already a Telavox customer? Check out our support & installation document for Hubspot CTI and Hubspot Contact Lookup.

  • “CRM Integration” user addon for Telavox Fixed or Mobile user licence.
  • Paid Hubspot account, either Hubspot Sales or Service Hub in order to use their call-out feature
Installation instructions
  • Make sure you have a phone number from Telavox and admin access in HubSpot
  • Click on the following installation link while logged in as an administrator, and authorise the integration
  • Install the app and authorise your team.

    Questions about integrations?

    Contact sales, your Customer Success Manager or one of our certified partners to learn more.