Your brand.
Our technology.

Offer your customers a simple, flexible, and scalable
UCaaS platform in your company's brand.

A flexible platform

Freedom and control for you and your customers

We have built a UCaaS platform customised to you, your customers and their customers. Expand your existing offer with a unique UCaaS solution or add telephony, PBX, contact center, and chat to your product portfolio.

Get started in a few hours instead of weeks

Using a comprehensive admin portal that you manage yourself allows you to onboard customers in a few hours instead of weeks, like some larger suppliers. We integrate with business solutions you already use to ensure a smooth contact transfer and onboarding.

An easier PBX

Modular building blocks make it easy for admins to create, change, and remove PBX and telephony functions yourself. This reduces the need for experts and support, saving time and money, resulting in less headache for you and your customers.

Hassle-free and correct invoicing

Say goodbye to messy invoices. Our unique tech ensures that your customers get simple and correct invoicing, regardless if they have one office or are in multiple countries.

Mobile and fixed offer

Our UCaaS platform is built around mobile telephony in the Nordics, Spain, and Portugal with 5G and VoLTE. Apart from mobile, we also support fixed terminals. We’re constantly expanding, and shortly we’ll offer our services in more countries.

Not like everyone else

Tech that makes you stand apart from the rest

Many UCaaS providers build their platform using someone else’s tech, which makes it hard to innovate and scale quickly. We have but our platform ourselves from the ground up and control the entire roadmap.

Bring your own data packs

Buy mobile or fixed call minutes from Telavox or bring your own. Use our packaging or build your own. The nice thing about being a Service Provider is that you decide. The possibilities are endless!

Customised integrations

We have a range of integrations with software and open API:s that you can build on. You can integrate our platform with business software such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, Power BI, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk and more.

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More than 90 attentive developers

We have more than 90 developers that ensure that the platform is updated and future-proof. We continually implement new features. Since we develop the technology ourselves, we make sure to listen and anticipate the needs of our customers and partners.

Your brand. Your customer.

Increase company value

Strengthen your brand

You get an app with your brand, completely reserved for your customers. Your logo. Your colours. Turn the Telavox UCaaS platform into your own product.

You own and support the customer

You manage the customer from marketing to sales and support. The customer is yours to help and renew. You get to establish a relationship with the customer and the possibility of reducing churn.

Monthly recurring revenue

Receive wholesale discount from Telavox, set your own end-customer prices, increase sales and your recurring revenue. Grow, increase company value and make the company shine.

Always by your side

Support from the Service Provider team

Support when selling

We won't let go of you after the onboarding. Your Service Provider team at Telavox helps you establish processes to get the first clients.

We’re here to assist you

The customer is yours to support and help when needed. But we’re there for you if you get lost and need assistance. Our contact persons are much appreciated among our partners and receive high NPS scores year after year.

Marketing material based on Telavox

You create your own material with your brand, but feel free to get inspired by what we’ve created. We have a large library of product sheets, brochures, white papers, etc.

See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration!