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Telavox’s commitment for 2023

During 2023, Telavox will start working according to SBTi and the GHG-Protocol.

The GHG Protocol is a global standardisation to measure, manage and report greenhouse emissions.

Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a framework for companies to set scientifically-based climate goals in line with what’s needed to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement.

Determining the Science Based Targets starts with identifying the company’s emissions concerning the three emissions areas defined in the GHG-Protocol. Thousands of organisations worldwide apply these frameworks, and during 2023, Telavox will be one of them.

The goals that Telavox has set for our sustainability actions in 2023 are founded on what scientists have deemed vital to limit the rise in temperature within 1,5 degrees celsius per the Paris Agreement. An important part of our goals is to have a completely climate-neutral value chain by 2030. To reach this, we’ve set the following goals:

- As a company, Telavox will reduce its emissions by 10% per year until 2030.
- Telavox’s subcontractors will set scientifically based climate goals. We’re actively working to follow up on their efforts.

In 2023, by the second quarter, Telavox commits to complementing our current systematic environmental work by adding the goals according to SBTi and the GHG Protocol.

For more information, visit the websites of Science Based Targets and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. You can also read our sustainability report from 2021.

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