Contact Center

Improve your customer service, communicate across all channels, and work more efficiently by managing your entire customer interactions in a single platform.

Telavox – with support for omnichannel

A better experience for your customers

With the Telavox Contact Center, you have all the information you need to help your customers immediately. Full conversation history means customers don’t need to repeat themselves. And you can build better and more personal relationships by being available where your customers are.

Conversations made easy

With an omnichannel solution, your customers can communicate with you via several channels. For smoother customer interactions, connect your most used channels to the Telavox Contact Center and provide a more complete customer support experience.

Personal treatment online

Your entire team gets access to an overview of each customer and their history. That means you can offer more personal and trust-worthy support, even when multiple agents are involved throughout the customer journey.

Consistent service across all channels

Through smart routing, you can reduce call wait times and provide your customers with intuitive support regardless of channel. Give your customers the same great service no matter how they choose to contact you.

Guide: How a contact center strengthens customer experience

This guide digs deep into how a contact center helps you succeed in the competition for customers.

A powerful tool makes your team successful

With all customer information from all channels, gathered in one interface, your agents do not have to switch between different systems. Wherever they are, everyone works from the same user-friendly platform and can share information and help in real-time.

More structure in case management

Get control of incoming cases through tickets. Is it urgent or can it be postponed? Should it be handled by another agent/department? With ticketing you get an efficient system where no customer interactions are lost.

Automate and make time for other things

Offer customers fast and professional answers with ready-made answer templates, signatures, and greetings. With automation, you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

Statistics provide valuable insights

In the platform, you have access to statistics that help you make proactive decisions and plan staffing in the best way. But above all, you get a deeper understanding of the customer journey.