Telavox helped Aspia reduce costs by 30%.

Michael la Placa, Client Platform Manager at Aspia


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About the company

Aspia is a consulting company that helps its customers with everything from starting a company to the annual report. Or the significant international acquisition. Aspia’s consultants and digital tools help their clients with payroll management, business advice, and independent tax advice.

The challenge

In the summer of 2018, the global IT consulting company PWC sold Aspia. Aspia became an independent company but took PWC’s products and remained with the same telephony provider. But when Michael la Placa was hired as Client Platform Manager at Aspia’s newly formed IT department, he began to look for a new telephony solution.


“We hadn’t chosen our telephone provider ourselves but inherited it from PWC. This meant that we always had to contact PWC, who in turn had to contact the supplier, if we wanted to make changes to the PBX,” says Michael.


That eventually became too complicated and time-consuming, so Michael started looking for other options. He aimed for an affordable supplier at the forefront of technical solutions.

Michael la Placa, Client Platform Manager at Aspia, was pleasantly surprised when he saw the interface of the Telavox app and how user-friendly it was.

The solution

“When we first met with Telavox, we were instantly hooked. The salespeople were responsive and knowledgeable about our business and needs. We experienced great commitment from Telavox throughout the process. PBX solutions aren’t the most exciting topic of conversation, but when we saw the interface and ease of use, we were pleasantly surprised. That’s why the choice fell on Telavox,” says Michael.

Commissioning nervousness

Michael was a little nervous about the commissioning. The biggest fear was that the telephony would be down due to technical problems.

“We are very dependent on our telephony solution, and it would be a disaster if our customers couldn’t reach us. But the onboarding went very smoothly because we prepared carefully with much support from Telavox,” says Michael.

The personal contact was meaningful

Another aspect that increased Michael’s sense of security is that all Telavox customers are assigned a personal Project Manager.

“Our Key Account Manager, Anders Bengtsson, ensured everything was in place before the supplier change. He did a great job. For example, we would set up three large corporate PBXs for our contact center, corporate support, and service desk. We built these together in advance. The entire flow was in place before we went live,” says Michael.

Telavox Support is always there to assist

“If we need help with something, Anders is always there to back us up. When we are involved in big projects, he really prioritizes us and adapts to our dates and deadlines. That commitment is not something you expect as a customer. With Telavox, you don’t feel like one of the crowd.”

The result

Aspia is very satisfied with Telavox, and Michael has received feedback from his colleagues that everything works well. In addition, they have reduced their telephone costs by approximately 30 percent.

Thousands of SEK saved with Telavox

“With PWC, we had a pot that everyone would share. It was not flexible and quite costly. Since switching to Telavox, we have saved thousands of SEK,” says Michael.

Michael believes Aspia can provide their customers better service through Telavox’s cloud-based PBX solution.

“Setting up queues has worked out great. We sometimes tailor solutions to the customers when working on specific consulting assignments. They receive a special queue number via a so-called internal queue. Then they end up directly with the right person.”

Great competence in regulations

Michael also says that he thinks Telavox’s competence regarding various regulations is reassuring.

“We have had a lot of big projects together, including integrating our new acquisitions with Telavox’s solution. That can be a bit tricky in terms of legal and regulatory requirements. Some of the companies we bought had tough contracts with their current suppliers, but Anders had great knowledge about this – he helped us solve everything.”

Some of Aspia’s and Telavox’s upcoming projects involve creating more integrations between different systems.

“Today, there is an integration where you can sync calendars with Telavox, so you can’t call or be reachable when you’re in a meeting. For example, if I am in a meeting, it should be registered automatically in the Telavox app. And when a person quits, these users should be removed in Telavox if they are no longer in our systems. These are some of the integrations we are looking at and will implement,” says Michael.

Recommends Telavox to other companies

Michael concludes by saying that he can highly recommend Telavox to other companies.

“Telavox is at the forefront with its cloud-based PBX solution. The interface is nice and simple, and you see everything in real-time. Telavox is committed to the customer and knowledgeable in all matters. In addition, I appreciate the responsiveness. If something is unavailable, you as a customer have the opportunity to influence. It depends a lot on the fact that Telavox develops everything themselves.”

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