Telavox’s PBX system enabled ENA to be more unified and efficient

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About the company

ENA (European Nursing Agency) provides live-in care throughout the United Kingdom. They have approximately 90 employees across the UK, with 20 at their head office in Hertfordshire.



The challenge

ENA realised they needed to switch to a VOIP phone system with PBX to enable a more collaborative and fluid approach to telephony in their business.

“With us having a workforce that is considerably mobile around the UK, we needed a telephony system that fitted around our business model. We were driven to change our previous telecom provider after having such a poor experience. It was costly, inefficient and inflexible”, says Mitch Miller, Managing Director of ENA.

Many new regulations and guidelines are often introduced in the healthcare sector. Mitch continues to talk about the importance of communicating efficiently and sharing information.

“In health and social care, we have had a vast amount of communications and updates sent to us from local health authorities and the government. It is very important for us to have an efficient digital communication platform to easily share the information internally for everyone to stay updated”, says Mitch.

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The solution

ENA’s intermediary supplier Intuity Communications, provided them with three options for prospective telecoms systems – one of them was Telavox. “After trialling Telavox, we knew it was a match made in heaven for our business. The level of support was highly attractive, and it was evident that Telavox cares as highly about after-sales as before”, says Mitch.

Telavox’s PBX phone system enabled ENA to be connected in a simpler and more unified manner, creating real efficiency.“We had to adapt our operating model very rapidly and make decisions at a considerable pace. This enabled us to act swiftly and focus on delivering our day-to-day operation without hindrance or constraint of fixed-line communications”, says Mitch. Mitch-Miller-ENA

Mitch Miller, Managing Director of ENA.

Mitch Miller, Managing Director of ENA

The result

ENA is very happy with their new telephony supplier, and Mitch Miller describes the onboarding process like this:

“One word: Seamless! We are extremely satisfied with our choice and have no regrets. The support from our previous providers was non-existent.”

He continues:

“Telavox has surpassed all our expectations by enabling us to communicate seamlessly. Switching from our previous system to Telavox was like a caveman discovering fire – revolutionary!”

ENA appreciates the user-friendliness and the interface of the Telavox application.

“One huge benefit of the Telavox system is the simplicity. The system is very intuitive and easy to use. Many of our managers were able to complete administration on the cloud-based PBX without extensive training because of how intuitive the system is. This enabled us to focus on doing what we do best in our day-to-day business: providing live-in care”, says Mitch.

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Finally able to work remotely

Mitch also emphasised that Telavox has created a huge operational efficiency at ENA. He explains that historically, they were always physically constrained to their head office because of their fixed telephony system.

“Telavox has completely alleviated our previous constraint of being glued to a physical office. The built-in traffic light function to display colleagues’ availability has also enabled team members to be more respectful of other colleagues. Their protected time is marked whilst in another call, in a meeting, or on holiday.”

We asked Mitch if he would recommend Telavox to another company following his recent migration to our solution. His response?

“Without question! I would recommend Telavox to any company. If you want a phone system that just works for your business, is intuitive and easy to use and saves you time and money – then Telavox is the system for you.”