Förenade Bil saves both time and money with Telavox

Christina Carlsen, Project Manager at Förenade Bil

Förenade Bil

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Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Ängelholm and Göteborg.

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About the company

Förenade Bil AB (“United Cars” in English) is one of Sweden’s oldest car companies. Founded in 1921, they’re proud to offer their clients products of high quality with the latest tech. Förenade Bil have offices in Malmö, Kristianstad, Lund, Helsingborg, Ängelholm and Göteborg.

Förenade Bil-malmö

Förenade Bils’ store in Malmö.

The challenge

Previously, the Förenade Bil group had four companies and three different telephony operators. This led to a lot of administration and made it hard to get an overview of things. This decreased the quality of support over time, which made them look for another solution.

“When the customer service at our previous supplier couldn’t help us, I contacted the sales person that I had a good relationship with. But when he quit, it became untenable”, says Christina Carlsen, Project Manager at Förenade Bil.

The solution

When looking for new suppliers, Christina relies on her network. Her previous colleague started working in telecommunications and recommended Telavox.

“We weren’t quite ready back then, but I kept Telavox at the back of my mind. After a few years, we started looking around again and after making comparisons, we settled on Telavox”, Christina says.

User-friendly interface

Driving the decision was, among other things, a thorough and clear presentation.

“What I really liked was how Josef Rostami, Sales Executive at Telavox, introduced the platform. Everything seemed so easy to use in the interface.”

Förenade Bil switched to Telavox during the pandemic, and they handled the majority of the planning through Teams.

“Our Project Manager at Telavox, Morgan Arnhed, was a big help, despite that we never met in person at first. I was very impressed”, Christina says.

Christina Carlsen, Project Manager at Förenade Bil

The result


Förenade Bil-Verkstad

Förenade Bil appreciates not being dependent on an external supplier to make changes to their PBX. Regardless of where they are, they can always make changes on the fly through the mobile application.


It was important for Christina to find a solution that was easy to use and had advanced features that could meet the company’s needs.

Now I can support the department managers in a completely new way. If there’s any trouble, I get a great overview in the app”, Christina says.

Easy to adjust where ever you are

One time, Christina had to stop her car by the roadside between Helsingborg and Malmö.

“A not so tech-savvy colleague accidentally turned off the PBX at one of our offices. Luckily, I could fix it in a minute via the mobile app”, Christina says with a smile.

The biggest advantage of Telavox, according to Christina, is that she’s not dependent on an external supplier to make changes since she can do just about everything by herself.

“I hate waiting in phone queues. With Telavox, we’ve not only reduced our telephony costs but also saved a lot of time. Telephony is something that should just work.”

Telavox simplified things during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Telavox also made everyday work easier. One of Christina’s favourite features is the ability to add new members to groups quickly.

“Several colleagues got sick during the pandemic. When that happened, it was super-easy to forward calls to someone else. I like that the system is flexible and it’s something we’ve used a lot when people have been working remotely or been sick”, Caroline concludes.