From troublesome telephony to an accessible solution thanks to Telavox

Johan Krantz, Chief Operating Officer at GetAccept


Develops a platform to help companies share documents and contracts, automate sales and customise their communication in a digital salesroom.


The U.S., Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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About the company

GetAccept was founded in 2015 by four Swedish entrepreneurs with the goal of simplifying the quote and signing process to enable more deals to be closed quicker. Their platform helps companies share documents and contracts, automate sales, and tailor their communication in a digital salesroom.

The company has made a remarkable growth journey: their main office went from 40 employees to 140 in a year. They are over 200 employees in total around the world. Their offices are in the U.S., Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


The challenge

Johan Krantz is the Chief Operating Officer at GetAccept. He works with everything from customer success and support strategies to assembling desktops.

Louise von Bodungen is the company’s Office & Management Coordinator. As such, she’s responsible for everything related to the head office in Malmö, Sweden.

If you were to call GetAccept’s office in Malmö, you’d get a choice: do you want to speak to the support department or the office? That was how it was supposed to work, but their previous telephony supplier didn’t cut it.

“The mobile app wasn’t working as it should”, Johan says. “Our phones didn’t ring when we received a call, and I got disconnected when I was going to answer.”

He explains that the employees were bound to their computers to take calls. This affected Louise in particular:

“With our previous solution, I couldn’t transfer calls with my mobile phone, so in the end, I stopped answering. Not being able to transfer calls with my mobile phone was worthless since I don’t walk around with my computer. Our head office is 2,300 square metres large and I’m rarely in the same place.”

Louise von Bodungen, Office & Management Coordinator at GetAccept

The solution

Louise was part of the team that decided how the call flow to the office should function.

“I almost exclusively use the mobile PBX, which is super easy. I like that in the Telavox app, you can mark yourself as busy and sync the PBX with your calendar – it’s a great help for me.”

The implementation of Telavox was done at the start of 2022.

“The transfer to Telavox was smooth and hassle-free. We’ve seen a great improvement since then. Now, our calls go where they should”, Johan says.

The result

Switching to Telavox solved the problems that GetAccept faced, says Louise:

“The change has made me a lot more efficient. Previously, I was either tied to my computer to take calls, but then I couldn’t do things around the office, or I missed calls that I couldn’t transfer anyway. It wasn’t productive. Finally being able to answer the phone and transfer calls is a huge improvement.”

Johan has also noticed remarkable differences:

“Telavox has a powerful PBX that enables us to make changes ourselves. Today, we have improved stability and new features, and the mobile app works as it should. We’re very satisfied.”

The change has improved things for their support department, too:

“Today, we keep better track of the calls. It’s easier for us to follow up on tickets and we can take better care of our customers.”

Louise says that their previous supplier turned telephony into a roadblock but that Telavox’s solution is something they don’t have to think about:

“I appreciate the app’s usability: it’s super simple to manage users and edit information when needed. It’s hassle-free and makes my workday easier. I’m really glad that we switched to Telavox.”