H1 saves both time and money thanks to Telavox

The contact centre saves big with PBX from Telavox

Peter Hasselskog Bredesen, Business Area Manager

H1 Communication

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Östersund, Helsingborg, Haparanda, Arbrå, and Halden (Norway).

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About the company

H1 Communication is a Nordic BPO company (Business Process Outsourcing) with European collaborators. The company outsources customer service, technical support, PKI services (Public Key Infrastructure) and answering services. H1 supplies its clients with leading customer experiences by focusing on quality, information security, and employer branding.

The challenge

H1 Communication


Needed a flexible solution

When H1 Communication was about to change the supplier of their internal telephony, they looked for a cost-effective solution where they could manage everything by themselves and be agile.

Peter Hasselskog Bredesen is Business Area Manager at H1. He’s in charge of the company’s customer service in the Nordics.

“The number of employees can vary during the year, which affects who should have access to a phone. That’s why it’s great that we can use flexible licenses instead of being tied to subscriptions”, he says.

Trustworthiness and information security is a must

Magnus Larsson is the CIO at H1. Information security is important to him since a mishap can impact the company’s brand so easily.

“Handling customer information with care is central to building trust as a company. Working with information security is more important than ever because of the digitalisation.”

The solution

Smooth installation for all offices

Peter says that choosing Telavox came down to the solution’s focus on efficiency, flexibility and that they can control so much by themselves.

“The installation went smoothly and was simpler than a lot of people at our company had expected. Everyone changed out their SIM cards in time and then the telephony at the offices just worked.”

Since H1 Communication almost exclusively works with phones, they especially appreciate the conference function, the chat, and being able to manage profiles.

“It’s so easy to change your status if you’re busy, at home with a sick child, or something else”, Peter says.

The pandemic requires more remote work

Because of the pandemic, H1 Communication now works a lot more working remotely and from home.

“Right now we’re using the mobile app a lot more than usual. We especially use the video and telephony conference from the Telavox app – it’s effortless to use”, Peter Hasselskog Bredesen says.

He thinks it’s great to have a reliable telephony solution is very useful when doing intensive management work from home.

Peter Hasselskog Bredesen, Business Area Manager at H1

The result

Easier handling equals cost savings

H1 Communication has made significant savings since they started using Telavox, Peter says.

“Our total costs have reduced. Now we can manage most things ourselves and we don’t have to depend on an external party to make the necessary changes. It saves us time and money and allows us to focus on other things that create value for the company. We have more time to spare thanks to Telavox’s fast support. The ability to admin things ourselves translates into efficiency, and time is money.”

“Everything’s smoother today”

The switch to Telavox has become an asset for the company, Peter says.

“Everything’s smoother today. Today we have fewer problems with our telephony and our support is a lot quicker. The best thing about Telavox is the user-friendliness, flexibility and knowing that your supplier delivers to the best of their abilities.