The hairdressing chain scales up with a cloud PBX

Henrik Danielsson, founder and CEO of Headon


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About the company

In 2002, Headon’s first salon was founded in Malmö. Today they’re one of Sweden’s leading hairdressing chains with six salons at attractive addresses in the city and beyond. In addition to working traditionally with customers, they also work creatively. Headon arranges exhibitions and events, participates in competitions, and has taken home many prestigious titles.


The challenge

Telavox has met Headon’s growing needs for more than ten years. Henrik remembers that he got a tip from a friend who is also an entrepreneur and was already a customer of Telavox.

“We have had Telavox almost since the first salon opened. We were not satisfied with our previous telephony provider. They didn’t offer a cloud PBX, and the company felt outdated. They were also expensive. Telavox is affordable, and I save time as I can see and change settings myself. It’s an easy system to work in, and the app is constantly being further developed,” says Henrik Danielsson, founder, and CEO of Headon.

The solution

From diving instructor to hair designer, Henrik Danielsson chose to follow in his mother’s hairdressing footsteps and dived into the stylist industry. Today he owns the award-winning hairdressing chain Headon, which has recently grown to six salons. Telavox has been involved in the entire expansion journey.

“We’ve had Telavox almost since the first location opened. The cloud PBX is great when you run six salons in different locations,” says Henrik.

He lived a carefree life as a diving instructor in warmer latitudes. Now, 17 years later, he has much more on his mind as the owner of the Headon hairdressing chain with 40 employees and 7 self-employed people who rent their own chairs.

“Here’s a lot going on. Therefore, it’s important for me to have a telephone provider that provides simple administration and can help us handle several salons. I have many new projects and depend on a flexible solution where I can handle changes myself. The cloud PBX is great when you run six establishments,” says Henrik.

Johanna Bonow has been a coordinator at Headon for two and a half years. She is impressed by the app’s user-friendliness.

“We are very satisfied. I can easily open and close the PBX and transfer calls. And I can quickly create ad hoc IVR messages to customers who call if we are away for training or unavailable for some other reason.”

Henrik Danielsson, founder and CEO of Headon

The result

As coordinator, Johanna has a lot to keep track of, from urgent calls to the plumber to handling marketing.

“I have a busy everyday life, and many unpredictable things happen in the salons. But that’s part of the job’s charm, and I really appreciate Telavox’s app, where everything is gathered, ensuring that the communication works. I can work proactively and get things out of the way quickly by, for example, planning the whole year’s holidays in the PBX regarding holidays,” says Johanna.

Henrik appreciates Telavox’s service and has gotten to know his personal Customer Success Manager very well over the years.

“The collaboration works really smoothly. I call my Customer Success Manager, and all problems get resolved,” says Henrik.

Tough competition for customers

“The hairdressing industry is one of the most competitive industries you can work in. You have to come up with new and smart concepts to succeed. That’s why it’s great to have a telephony provider who thinks and acts the same way,” says Henrik.

Now Headon has a new Customer Success Manager, Kristina Jankovic, who helped the hairdressing chain get started with its sixth salon.

“There was actually a bit of technical trouble with the last salon, something we haven’t experienced before. But Kristina was always available and solved whatever issues came up. Now, everything functions as usual,” says Henrik.


“I have many hairdressers in my family and was brought up in that world. Therefore, it is especially joyful to have Headon as a customer. It’s an exciting company where a lot is going on. They challenge their industry, are innovative, and constantly expand. I want to create the best conditions for them to achieve the best results.”

Kristina Jankovic, Customer Success Manager and Teamlead at Telavox.