Here's how Hövding improved their customer service with Telavox's statistics tool

Maria Berggren, Customer Service Manager at Hövding


Manufactures the world's safest bicycle helmet.



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About the company

The idea for an airbag for cyclists was born in 2005 by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, who at the time was training as industrial designers in Lund. As a degree project, they worked out a revolutionary idea; an airbag for cyclists. Today, Hövding is classified as the world’s safest head protection for cyclists. Their airbag for cyclists has been sold in more than 300,000 copies in over 15 countries. Since 2006, Hövding has grown from being two people to becoming a listed company and has more than 30 employees.

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The challenge

With Hövding’s former telephony provider, most things were complicated. They had to deal with an intricate and difficult-to-handle system and had trouble getting relevant data out.

“For example, it was very difficult to record such a simple thing as a welcome message. But one of the biggest shortcomings was that we could only get relevant KPIs during opening hours. We could not see if it rang after we’ve closed for the day. You want to keep track of that”, says Maria Berggren, Customer Service Manager at Hövding.

Another aspect was that the sellers were dissatisfied with the coverage.

“They sit not only in the office but are on the go and have a lot of dialogue via their mobiles. Then it is, of course, important that that communication works smoothly”, says Maria.


The solution

Hövding thought that there were too many shortcomings in their telephony solution and therefore turned to Advisera, which is a reseller of various company telephony solutions. Hövding expressed their wishes and Advisera quickly offered a supplier who they thought matched all of Hövding’s needs.

“They said that Telavox met our criteria the best and we really agreed on that”, says Maria.


Maria Berggren, Customer Service Manager at Hövding, thinks it’s great that she can finally get valuable KPIs so she and her team can provide better service to customers.

The result

When they started with Telavox, Hövding was finally able to produce all relevant statistics and gain valuable insight into customers’ behavioural patterns.

“The first thing I did was take statistics on when customers call and adjust our opening hours on the phone. I discovered that surprisingly many call early in the week between 10-12.30. Now we have the phone open until 12:30 instead of closing during lunch”, says Maria.

They also use the integration between Telavox and Microsoft Power BI. Today, Maria thinks it’s easier to plan for the staff and ensure the quality of customer service.

“We know when we will be available by phone. Easily accessible data is indispensable to meet our customers’ needs.”

Another thing that Hövding appreciates is that they can adjust the amount of mobile data themselves.

“It’s so flexible that we do not have to commit to a certain amount of gigabytes without Telavox offering flexibility. Some months you surf more and some less. If it runs out, we increase the mobile data ourselves by pressing a button in the app. This makes it easier for us to control our costs”, says Maria.

Hövding receives customer support via the Telavox reseller Advisera.

“It’s super easy to get help. We have a personal contact named Björn Montnémery. He keeps a close eye on our needs and always responds quickly”, says Maria.

Maria can warmly recommend Telavox to other companies.

“If you want a simple tool and full control over your cloud PBX and the ability to pick out advanced KPIs via Power BI, you should get Telavox!”