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Service company from Stockholm that has been in charge of deliveries and service worldwide since 1998.



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About the company

Inte Bara Post (previously known as Ryska Posten) is a Stockholm-based company that has since 1998 focused on delivering at speed. What started as a bicycle courier is today a full-fledged service business that offers services worldwide.

The challenge

Frank Holfve is a Digital Project Manager at Inte bara post and works with the company’s digitization, business development, and strategy. Previously, they were stuck with a clumsy PBX solution that was anything but intuitive:

“We could not see what was happening in real-time with our previous supplier. We also couldn’t log in the way we needed to. You had to download a specific client and use that particular computer. That meant people couldn’t jump in and help out when needed. Also, the platform looked like it was made for Windows 95.”


Frank Holfve, Digital Project Manager at Inte Bara Post.

Frank Holfve, Digital Project Manager at Inte Bara Post.

The solution

Got a much-needed overview

Today, the company has Telavox’s PBX solution, which according to Frank Holfve, is a significant improvement. He appreciates the interface, the ease of use, and the overview you get as an admin.

“Now we have control over our users and our call queue. I can see who is on a call wherever I am. It’s the best way to see what everyone is doing.”

With Telavox, Inte bara post gets a better overview of those who call. In addition, the company has become increasingly mobile:

“In Telavox’s solution, anyone can help and answer calls. That’s a huge advantage.”

The result

Saves time and money

Inte bara post has saved much time and money thanks to increased stability, mobility, and overview.

“With Telavox, delivering fast responses is easier, and our customers don’t have to wait as long. Now we are in control. In addition, we have full control of our costs.”

Telavox – along on the digital journey
If the company runs into any problems, Frank just calls his Customer Success Manager at Telavox.

“It doesn’t feel like I’m calling someone at a company, but rather a friend. We don’t have to deal with cumbersome Microsoft support and can instead easily call Benjamin (Inte bara posts’ contact person). That’s why you choose Telavox – for the easy support.”

Frank looks forward to continuing to use Telavox.

“It’s like Christmas Eve every time there are new updates to the app! So much has happened since we became customers, and it gets better every time.”