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A fintech company developing innovative services to automate the control of payments and suppliers.


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About the company

Fintech company Inyett wanted to make life easier for its customer service department and salespeople. By integrating their Telavox cloud PBX with their CRM system, they simplify everyday life for customers and employees.

“Telavox’s solution is efficient and simple with excellent service,” says Catherine Borgkvist, Quality Manager at the company.

Inyett is a fintech company that develops smart services to automate the control of payments and suppliers. This way, they warn of errors, risks, and fraud in organisations’ expenses.


Catherine Borgkvist, Quality Manager at Inyett.

The challenge

No longer tied to subscriptions

Before Inyett acquired Telavox as a supplier, they had mobile phones with a subscription and lacked a PBX service.

“With our new supplier, we wanted all the essential PBX functions we didn’t have before.”

Thanks to Telavox, they’re not tied to a subscription and instead use licences that can be regulated in the admin portal.

“It’s super easy and clear. It is easy to manage services and change an employee’s surf amount, for example.”

The solution

As Quality Manager, Catherine Borgkvist oversees the company’s quality assurance and data protection. She was responsible for the process when the company built up the customer service department.

“When I was in charge of our customer service, the idea was born to connect Telavox with the CRM system Lime. Telavox and Lime are two great companies at the forefront.”

Integration – an essential part of the work
With Telavox integrated with Lime, customer service and salespeople can quickly and easily reach the right people.

“It takes a maximum of two clicks to call a company’s main number or directly to a person.”

After the call, a history with necessary information is automatically created. The next time the seller has to speak to the person, everything is saved. If a customer calls back, Inyett can see who it is, where they’re calling from, and who they spoke to last.

“The customer should be able to call us any day, and the seller should know what it is about. Today, those who take the calls are prepared, which saves a lot of time. The integration facilitates and structures our daily work.”

Calling with Norwegian phone numbers – from Helsingborg
Inyett has an office in Helsingborg, but they can also call from Norway. How does it work?
“Everyone, including employees in Oslo, starts from our office in Helsingborg. We have a PBX that calls from Norwegian numbers to Norway. In this way, the Norwegian customers do not react to the fact that it’s actually a caller in Sweden. It works flawlessly.”

Catherine Borgkvist, Quality Manager at Inyett

The result

“The support helps me with so many things.”

What Catherine appreciates most about Telavox is the personal support.

“I have great contact persons that help me with so much. Our Customer Success, Omid, is absolutely fantastic. He is always happy and pleasant. Other operators who contact us do not interest us, and that is thanks to Telavox’s service and features.”

A more efficient operation thanks to the integration
Integrating Telavox and Lime has saved Inyett a lot of time and money. Today, they have time to make and receive more calls and can thus help more customers.

“Our business has become so much more efficient. Now our salespeople only need to press a button to call, and they have less administration after the calls.”