Telavox’s cloud PBX helps Nordhaus with customer service



The creators behind the Swedish-made work pants adapted to all body shapes regardless of gender.



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About the company

Nordhaus was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to constantly developing and creating work clothes that meet customer needs. The principle they strive for is based on combining function with stylish products, making careful material choices, and always keeping the customer in focus. Both head office and warehouse are located in Malmö in southern Sweden, and most of the production takes place in Estonia.

The challenge

Pants that slide down, that have poor comfort, or seams that burst. That is an annoying reality for many crafters out there. The founders behind Nordhaus have taken the criticism to heart and created the work pants of the future that are environmentally friendly, affordable, equal, and stretchy. Johan Plambeck, co-founder, and sales manager at Nordhaus, says Telavox has been involved from the start.

“It was a matter of course for us to choose Telavox since it is easy to scale up as needed, and there are many contact routes for customers,” he says.



The three founders of Nordhaus: Johan Plambeck, Patrik Bruzelius, and David Pettersson.


The pandemic didn’t stop Nordhaus

Despite the ongoing covid pandemic during the launch in mid-May 2020, it went really well. They received good responses and maintained customer dialogues via social media, Nordhaus’s main marketing channel.

“Many say this is incredibly long-awaited – especially women who are used to the shape of the pants being adapted to men. We have two different variants to choose from. One model is narrower in the waist and more fitted around the bottom, and the other is a straighter model,” says Johan.

The solution

Telavox for geographically dispersed or mobile teams

Many retailers need their staff to be mobile – with the infrastructure in the cloud and geographically dispersed teams in contact with customers and support centers. It leads to fast service and seamless call transfer for customers, and instructions and information can be transferred from managers to people in the field and vice versa.

Via systems with cloud PBXs, customers can easily be routed directly to the person most suited to answer. There is no risk that the call will accidentally be interrupted so the customers will get irritated.



Johan Plambeck, Co-founder and Head of Sales at Nordhaus

The result

Telavox helps Nordhaus meet customers

Nordhaus is fully digitised, which Johan sees as both an advantage and a challenge.

“So far, we have no showrooms and do not want to go through dealers. Instead, we invest heavily in clear and moving images and logistics solutions for returns. This is also where Telavox comes in as an important factor in our endeavour to meet customers on their terms,” says Johan.

For Nordhaus, it was a matter, of course, to choose Telavox because of the scalability and communication possibilities.

“We want to be accessible to our customers. That’s why the cloud PBX is great, so we can take turns taking calls. The queue function and the welcome message function are also great. The statistics tool, where we can see how many people called in, missed calls, and so on, is also very useful. These key figures will be valuable when we get the business going,” says Johan.