With Telavox, Nordic Infucare can focus on the customer

Stefan Hjelm, IT manager at Nordic Infucare

Nordic Infucare

Pharmaceutical company that offers specialised treatment in the home environment for patients suffering from chronic diseases.


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About the company

The pharmaceutical company Nordic Infucare is present all over the Nordic region and has over 40,000 patients. They wanted to put the customer at the center even when it came to their telephony, and, therefore, chose to change supplier to Telavox. Stefan Hjelm is the Nordic region’s IT manager and has seen many positive effects after the change.

The challenge

Careful preparation yielded great results

Stefan emphasises that switching to Telavox represented a more significant investment in putting the customer at the centre.

“Our focus was, above all, on the customer experience. Our main goals were a higher response rate and faster service, something that Telavox helps us achieve,” he says.

Before the transition, they decided to start from scratch and take a comprehensive approach to the company’s communication and PBX service.

“We simply started from scratch, with a blank piece of paper and several internal scenario-based workshops and interviews. We involved all parts of the business, which proved to be a success factor,” says Stefan.

The work resulted in thoroughly planned and well-founded flow diagrams and new and more profound knowledge of the business’s needs.

Stefan Hjelm, IT manager at Nordic Infucare

The solution

Thoughtful planning yields lower costs and happier customers

Based on the newly gained insights, Stefan and his colleagues created a new scheme for the entire company’s communications.

“By creating a smart structure for our call loops and leveraging IVR to get the calls right from the start, we have reduced our overflow significantly. It improves both our cost efficiency and our customer’s experience,” says Stefan.

One goal was to replace an expensive, external answering service with automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Stefan calculates that this change alone will create significant opportunities for savings for the company.

“We estimate to reduce our costs for external answering service by 50-70% by being able to replace this service with IVR to the greatest extent possible. We have also simplified our daily work and made savings by reducing the total number of platforms we use”, he says.

The result

Shared communication improves collaboration

Stefan emphasises the importance of ensuring clear ownership of the solution internally.

“A clear ownership in combination with the simple platform for administration makes it possible to continue developing and improving the solution in-house,” he says.

A critical gain consists of synergies arising when colleagues can see each other’s availability. The flexible setup enables employees to support each other regardless of geographical location.

“This allows us to help and plan our staffing better, even across national borders,” he says.

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With a PBX, telephony, and internal communication in place, new projects await to create the best possible service.

“Now we look forward to continuing our work for an even better customer experience. The next step will be to prepare an integration of Telavox with our other internal systems. The goal is a complete omnichannel and case management system integrated with our telephony solution,” says Stefan.