Better customer service thanks to Telavox's cloud PBX

Gustav Lundh, CEO and Partner at Porsche in Sweden


Sports car manufacturer.


Malmö and Helsingborg.

Number of Employees

40 (at Porsche Syd).

Features used Customer since


About the company

Porsche is one of the world’s most successful sports car manufacturers, thanks to the model 911, 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, Macan, Cayenne, and Panamera. Over 1,830 Porsches were registered in Sweden in 2018. The company’s biggest markets are China, USA, and Germany. In Sweden, Porsche is sold through Porsche Center in Borås, Danderyd, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Kalmar, Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå, and Örebro.

Gustav Lundh, CEO and Partner at Porsche in Sweden, wants to be available for the clients. By using Telavox’s cloud PBX, he can maintain a high service level.

The challenge

Gustav Lundh, CEO and Partner at Porsche in Sweden, knows that a client that doesn’t get a quick response might become a lost opportunity. That’s why he almost always responds when the phone rings. They also have Telavox’s company PBX that makes sure the clients get to the right place.

“I always point out to my employees that if we’re not available, the customers will turn to another supplier”, Gustav says.

Gustav started as a car salesman in 2004 at a Porsche agency in Helsingborg as the fourth employee. After a few years, they closed the agency in Helsingborg but instead opened a Porsche centre in Malmö, as a franchise. By then, Gustav had climbed to the CEO position and also become a partner.

“We had a record year in 2019 – we sold about 500 new Porsches and 400 pre-owned. That’s a sales increase of over a thousand per cent since 2004. Our staff has gone from 4 to 40 employees.”

Increased demand for luxury cars

Gustav says that the demand for Porsche cars has increased a lot in the last ten years. In 2018, he and the two other partners decided to establish themselves in Helsingborg again. Nowadays, there’s a larger selection of models that attract different demographics, regardless of age.

“There were three model series when I started. Today, there’s six. It’s a positive development. We’re no longer limited to selling seasonal sports cars. Today we can offer large sports cars with four doors and Porsche SUVs that are popular with families.”

The solution



A growing business needs a flexible telephony solution that can adapt to the needs of the company.

“We have been Telavox clients for five years. Telavox has always been at the forefront of mobile-centric services. The company wanted a user-friendly cloud PBX that we could handle ourselves, without always having to turn to the supplier for help.”

Always answers the phone

Gustav is almost always available, even during meetings when he excuses himself to answer as not to miss an important call.

“We always work towards our end-customer. People that buy a car that average one to one and a half million expect good service. Disconnecting ourselves is something we can’t afford. Of course, there are moments when I can’t answer. That’s when it’s nice and easy to be able to forward calls to a colleague through the PBX since it’s in your pocket.”

Gustav is a busy CEO, but he will soon appoint a person to be in charge of telephony at the company – someone to get familiar with the ins and outs of the Telavox app and create a cheat sheet for recruits.

“My patience is very short when it comes to technology and computers. I can recommend people like me to delegate that responsibility to someone else at the company. A person that has the time to get to know the app and maximise all the features.”

The result

Porsche is a relatively agile workplace where you’re not seated at the same place every day. The business is divided into two departments: Sales and Aftersales. They comprise salespeople, supporting functions like HR and economy, as well as auto repair staff. That’s why they make good use of Telavox’s profile feature in the app. It displays if they’re available or busy. Here, you can also select which number to display, and configure which calls to receive: direct calls or queue calls.

“Profiles are handy. By using them, we can easily let both customers and colleagues know if we’re at lunch, in a meeting, or available.”

Gustav says that even if Porsche has felt the effects of the pandemic.

“A Porsche is a luxury item and indicative of a certain lifestyle. There are significantly cheaper options intended only for transportation. Naturally, we’ve seen a slight decrease in sales because of the pandemic. However, we have longer sales cycles and we work with custom-made cars.”

Telavox reflects Porsche’s own service level

Luckily, Gustav hasn’t had to let any of the staff members go during the pandemic.

“That’s a relief. Overall, we have a very small staff turnover. In 16 years, ten people have quit because they’ve switched location or industry. My employees are incredibly loyal and motivated. We rank very high in customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s great to have a telephony supplier that values customer support as much as we do. Our personal Customer Success Manager is quick to answer, always available, and very helpful.”