The industrial group reduced its costs by 40% with Telavox.

Andreas Magnusson, Head of IT, Proton Group

Proton Group

Industrial group with four business areas.


Värnamo, Bankeryd, Anderstorp, Hillerstorp, Skillingaryd, Skara, Forsheda and Eskilstuna.

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About the company

Proton Group is a privately owned industrial group with companies active in four business areas with roughly 400 employees. The head office is located in Värnamo. Proton Group is involved in industries such as the automotive industry, lighting (including lighting solutions for public environments), machine safety and surface treatment for vehicles, construction and engineering industries.

Proton Group

Proton Group has four business areas spread over eight different locations in Sweden. This requires a flexible telephony provider that can adapt to the needs of the various businesses.

The challenge

Proton had outdated company bills and needed a more efficient solution to save time and money.

“We had an older version based on outdated technology that was also very expensive. We had to upgrade to keep up”, says Andreas Magnusson, IT Manager at Proton.

Significant gains through switching providers

Andreas is well-aware of how the process works around telephone procurement from previous experiences.

“I saw potential big gains with changing suppliers. I have been involved in implementing telephony solutions in the past with mixed results and learned a lot from it. Therefore, I knew what we were looking for this time,” says Andreas.

He began scanning the market and brought quotes from most operator giants and Telavox.

“Many operators simply offer the same platform they purchase from a subcontractor. So, basically, we compared Telavox’s platform against Mitels’ that most others offer,” says Andreas.

Proton Group-Lightning

The solution

Proton chose Telavox that offered an affordable, flexible overall solution and good packaging. Proton fell for the interface and ease of handling the platform. They have also saved thousands of SEK by changing suppliers.

“Since we switched to Telavox, our telephony expenses have decreased by 40 percent. I like that Telavox is creative and tries to find the most cost-effective solution for us. For example, not everyone in the company needs a smartphone. About a hundred employees only need push-button telephones. Telavox does not sell for the sake of selling but thinks about what the customer really needs,” says Andreas.

It is possible to penetrate metal roofs

Proton operates in the manufacturing industry and is spread across ten different facilities. Sheet metal roofs are always challenging in the manufacturing industry, where it is difficult to achieve functioning mobile coverage.

“We received excellent support here. Telavox implemented mobile amplification in several premises with the help of an external expert company. The coverage has gotten a lot better but will never be perfect. But thanks to the help, it works well now,” says Andreas.


Andreas Magnusson, IT Manager at Proton Group, appreciates that he as a customer can voice his concerns all the way to Telavox’s development department with the opportunity to influence.

The result

Andreas was delighted with Telavox’s onboarding. Proton had prepared well and executed an IT strategy that outlined all necessary steps to the cloud.

“We received great support from Telavox throughout the transition. For the individual, it was just a matter of changing the subscription. Step two was learning to use the app, which is extremely user-friendly,” says Andreas.

Received good support throughout the onboarding

Telavox was also physically present during parts of the onboarding to support and ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible.

“We received help building the menu selections around the central cloud PBX, which drastically reduced the manual work of routing further calls,” says Andreas.

Proton also appreciates Telavox’s support, where all customers are assigned a personal Customer Success Manager.

“We have a personal Customer Success Manager who always provides fast and good service. In addition, the support feels especially oriented to our needs. We can ask about everything from how to connect voicemail to hardware. Hardware is not really Telavox’s area, but we still get support and good tips on phone models,” says Andreas.

Develops according to the customer’s needs

Andreas appreciates that Telavox develops everything in-house with the help of a development department of a hundred people.

“We have been able to participate in meetings with Telavox and had the opportunity to come up with wishes and feedback regarding the app. Now, for example, we want to do an AD integration with Microsoft Azure. It was a requirement on our part to have a software supplier that could make it possible to talk to our other systems,” says Andreas.

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