A flexible and unified telephony solution with Telavox

Per Thomsen, CEO of Siedle Nordic.

Siedle Nordic

A leading international manufacturer of audio and video intercom, access control, and security systems.


Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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About the company

Siedle Nordic is a leading international manufacturer of audio and video intercom, access control, and security systems. Their main office is situated in Hvidovre, Denmark.

Per Thomsen is the CEO of the company. Previously, they were bogged down by a physical PBX and their mobile phones weren’t cutting it. They wanted to communicate with ease across their offices in the Nordics. When they needed a flexible and unified solution, they turned to Telavox.

Per Thomsen

Per Thomsen, CEO of Siedle Nordic.

The challenge

Fractured telephony made for subpar service

Siedle Nordic has used Telavox since 2015. Before that, they had a physical PBX system in Denmark and Norway, and used mobile phones in other countries.

“If we wanted to contact a colleague in Sweden, we had to call his or her mobile phone, and we never knew if the person was busy. Plus, those calls were expensive. It was time-consuming and we couldn’t give our customers the service they needed.”

The solution

A unified PBX solution for the Nordics

Per Thomsen has a background in the telecom industry, so when he was installed as a CEO, he was intent on finding a better telephony supplier. The most important thing was that the telephone solution could offer a Scandinavian platform.

“Telavox was the only company at the time that offered a unified platform for the Nordics.”

Per Thomsen, CEO of Siedle Nordic.

The result

From separate systems to a single solution

Per Thomsen appreciates the ease of setting up and changing opening and closing hours.

“It’s a great feature if there’s a national holiday or if we go away on a staff meeting. It’s also a very intuitive app that’s easy to use.”

The switch to Telavox has greatly improved the company’s daily work, Per says:

“It’s important for our salespeople to transfer calls to the office or voicemail when they’re busy. That way, customers aren’t left without feedback.”

“Telavox has enabled us to synergise our Nordic efforts. Now, an employee in another country can take one of our calls. It gives us a lot of flexibility since we don’t have to close our phone lines – someone’s always available. With Telavox, we have cross-border capacity.”

Not only that, but it has made Siedle Nordic more effective:

“If we wouldn’t have access to the unified Scandinavian platform, we would need at least two more employees at our office to handle things. Before Telavox, we were four separate countries, telecom-wise. Today, all four function as one.”