Toxic grew by 700% with full support from Telavox along the way



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About the company

Toxic is an agency that helps its clients succeed in the digital world. They’re experts in digital information and help customers communicate and digitise their business. By creating simplicity, accessibility, and speed in digital tools, they strive to make the customers’ everyday life easier and more enjoyable.


The challenge

Kalle Ekstrand, CEO and founder of Toxic has always strived to make his business more efficient through digital aids. Therefore, Toxic used IP telephony long before Telavox came into the picture. But their previous supplier could not offer a mobile solution.

Searched for a supplier with technical width
“We wanted a mobile solution and a cloud PBX. That’s why we started looking for a telephony provider that was at the frontline and had the best technical width,” says Kalle.


Kalle Ekstrand, CEO and founder of Toxic thinks Telavox’s solution is easy to adapt to a growing company.

Oscar Salomonsson, Business Developer at Toxic

The solution

The supplier that matched Toxic’s expectations and requirements was Telavox.

“We have been around since 1996 but chose a growth strategy in 2015. Since then, we have grown by 700 percent and gone from 7 to 40 employees,” says Kalle.

“Telavox has adapted to our needs throughout our growth journey.”
It has been necessary for Toxic to have a telephony provider with a flexible cloud solution that’s easy to adapt to a growing company in different geographical locations.

“The Telavox app meets all the requirements we’re looking for. We are spread across three offices in different cities and must be able to easily automate the company PBX so that it’s connected to the right office. We appreciate that Telavox has been able to adapt to our needs throughout our growth journey,” says Kalle.

He’s thankful for the support they get from Telavox from their dedicated Customer Success Manager. He says that it reflects how they work at Toxic.

“We always have a customer-responsible business developer who builds a personal relationship with the customer.”

Valuable with a personal contact person during significant changes
He goes on to say that their Customer Success Manager has been extra valuable when they’ve established more offices and hired more employees.

“As we have grown, our needs have changed, and we have received help throughout the process. It has been everything from mobile number porting to planning, and I always get good and quick answers from Telavox, both via email and phone.”

The result


Oscar Salomonsson, Business Developer at Toxic, appreciates Telavox’s intuitive interface.

As mentioned earlier, technical width is an essential matter for Kalle. He thinks the app is user-friendly and that the interface is neat and corresponds to the appearance of the apps he uses privately.

Telavox keeps up with technology trends
“It is imperative that we have a supplier that is up to date with technology trends. We constantly evaluate our suppliers, and Telavox is still in line with our expectations and values after all these years. There is a long-term commitment, innovation, and drive. We have actually recommended Telavox to many of our customers.”

Oscar Salomonsson, business developer at Toxic, works daily with the development of digital solutions and thinks it’s essential to work with intuitive solutions that are easy to use in everyday life.

“To me, Telavox represents simplicity. Something that may sound unassuming and obvious but is absolutely crucial. Few B2B products on the market are so user-friendly.”

Easy to introduce Telavox to employees
Oscar also believes that it is much easier to introduce a digital solution that all employees can handle and understand the value of.

“Telavox offers a very intuitive user interface both in the web and mobile applications. In this way, we have increased the commitment among the employees, and it will be easier to implement in the organisation. Another plus is that Telavox shares our values, such as company culture, for example.”