Effective communication with telephony and PBX in Microsoft Teams


Better collaboration with smart integrations in a single system

In Microsoft Teams, collaboration is the focal point. Here, people and systems are gathered under one roof for effective collaboration and seamless communication across borders. By connecting your telephony and PBX system with Teams, you’ll make things easier for both coworkers and clients, and you can start building a complete communications platform.

In this guide, you’ll learn of all the features and advantages of integrating your telephony system with Microsoft Teams, and how the whole business can benefit from all the other possibilities that the platform has to offer.

What’s included:

  • Which integrations are possible in Microsoft Teams
  • The benefits of connecting your telephony and PBX with Teams
  • What’s required to implement the integration
  • How to apply the new way of working in the company
  • Telavox in Teams – functions and stats

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