Swedes are chatting like never before and e-mail may soon be old hat

08 November 2018

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Internet Foundation in Sweden (ISS), a total of 84 percent of Sweden's population uses online chat tools The majority of them, 97 percent, still communicate by email. But online chat is hard on its heels, and at work there are several advantages to being able to chat online with colleagues.

A flexible online chat tool can help save you from drowning in a sea of e-mails. Online chat is a simple and flexible way to contact colleagues and it also helps to break down barriers to communication between employees. It is an effective tool for building internal social networks within a company regardless of where in the world your colleagues happen to be.

- Online chat challenges traditional hierarchies and is used in a more spontaneous and ad-hoc way by everyone in the company, irrespective of their position. This can have a positive impact on the working environment and make it more democratic. E-mail has a more exclusive feel and does not stimulate dialogue to the same extent as online chat, says Sofie Eliasson, team leader and developer at Telavox.

More than half of the population are chatting online every day

More than half of all Swedes chat online on a daily basis Up to age 25, pretty much all young people use online chat or instant messaging, and over 80 percent of them do this one or more times each day (IIS).

- One reason why there has been an increase in the use of online chat within companies is that many young people who have grown up with MSN and ICQ have now started work with these companies. They are accustomed to communicating quickly and informally. Therefore in order to attract younger generations, you should have tools that meet their expectations, says Sofie.

Big time savings

Online chat also contributes to faster communication as you can engage in a dialogue and get quicker answers to questions.

- Instead of emailing back and forth, there are big time savings with chatting online. It also helps to reduce minor misunderstandings as you can easily ask additional questions, says Sofie.

When it comes to security, online chat is also preferable. E-mails can easily end up being sent to the wrong person.

- Sending an email to the wrong person is something that the majority of us have done, and this can have major consequences if it ends up in the wrong hands. With a chat tool you reduce the risk significantly, says Sofie.

Chat will take over from email

According to the SSI report, last year there was an explosion in the use of instant messaging and online chat. From 2014, the daily use of online chat has almost tripled. Sofie predicts that online chat will come to replace e-mail in the workplace more and more.

- We can see from the steady increase in our customers using Flow chat that more and more people are realising the benefits of chatting online with colleagues for amongst other things, sharing knowledge, asking questions and making lunch plans, concludes Sofie.