Challenges shaping the future of UCaaS

Forrester’s latest report highlights the trends transforming the UCaaS industry.

Telavox Report

Forrester landscape report

The digital landscape is evolving, and businesses must adapt to stay ahead. Read Forrester’s landscape report to find out why Telavox is the only Nordic UCaaS provider in the report, and what trends are shaping the market.

5 key takeaways from Forrester’s 2023 UCaaS Landscape study:

  1. The value of UCaaS
    UCaaS tools provide value by combining multiple collaboration channels, such as audio conferencing, phone systems, and chat, into a unified application. This enables real-time and asynchronous communication, simplifies collaboration, and automates work through integration.
  2. State of the UCaaS market
    The UCaaS market is mature and evolving, with increasing interconnectivity between channels and the incorporation of additional markets like contact centre as a service (CCaaS) and communications platform as a service (CPaaS). The former is a main trend in the market.
  3. AI – disrupting and enhancing
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a top disruptor in the UCaaS market, expanding the role of UCaaS platforms in facilitating human-to-human and human-to-machine collaboration.
  4. Challenges to tackle
    The primary challenge for organisations is creating a true unified communications experience and reducing the management sprawl of legacy systems.
  5. Use cases and beyond
    The core use cases for UCaaS include phone modernization, employee collaboration enhancement, joined UC and CC, and connectivity optimization. Extended use cases include ChatOps, webinars, secure collaboration, unified contact records, and communications platform as a service (CPaaS).