How a contact center strengthens the customer experience

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Meet customers’ increased expectations

In 2019, the market for CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) in Europe was 670.7 million dollars, and in 2027 the figure is expected to rise to 2,249 million. More companies understand the importance of gathering all communication, including contact centers, in one solution. Customers get help no matter what channel they use and never have to repeat their business. As customers’ expectations grow and they expect the same service online as in-store, there is no time to lose.

In addition to the customers’ benefits, CCaaS is also very favourable for employees. When someone is seeking contact, the agents get the customer history in a contact card, and support managers get an overview of the agents and their workload thanks to the platform.

Information provided in the guide:
  • How the pandemic changed customer service.
  • The meaning and importance of omnichannel.
  • What a modern contact center should look like.
  • Telavox’s new and improved contact center.


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