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This buyer’s guide is for anyone who uses or is in need of a cloud PBX going forward. Maybe you’re using a physical PBX with an analogue connection to the telecommunications network, but you want to switch to a cloud-based solution. Or maybe you have a cloud-based solution and are looking for something that performs better than the one you have today. You may not use your current solution to the full extent as it is not practical enough to use, or maybe it lacks the features you need. The purpose of this guide is to help you get closer to a decision.


Here you will get a number of questions about your company’s current situation, and what your future plans are. By addressing the current situation and pondering future needs and solutions, you will gain a better insight into what functions are important to you and your company. With the right system in place, you can both improve internal processes and create a better customer experience. Sounds good, right?

The difference between a cloud-based and a physical PBX

There are several different types of PBX solutions, but most use either a traditional PBX technology or a cloud-based solution. What mainly distinguishes these is that cloud-based solutions do not require a stationary location for the hardware. It can be used by everyone within the company – at any time.

Today, more and more people are switching to a cloud-based PBX, as it is a more user-friendly, cheaper, and flexible solution. In this buyer’s guide, we only focus on a cloud-based system as it is the solution that will prevail exclusively in the future.


We will now present a number of different questions for you to answer with YES or NO. After you’ve finished, count how many YES you have answered. At the bottom of the guide, we will tell you what is the best option for you, based on how many YES answers you have.

Your company today

1 Do you have a cloud-based PBX solution today?

2 Do you have a fixed monthly cost?

3 Is there a high employee turnover?

Do a lot of people start and end their employment so that it’s important to onboard relatively often?

4 Do you have access to reliable internet?

(We expect a call to be 0.1 Mbps.)

5 Is it important to be able to reach you at any time during the day?

Do you want your customers to be able to reach you outside of office hours?

6 Is it crucial that callers get redirected straight away?

That is, are you in need of more than one PBX?

7 Is your company active in several countries?

8 If yes, do you make a lot of calls to certain countries, and would you be interested in special deals with these countries?

Your company in the future

9 Is it important to be able to scale up and down when your business is going well or not so well?

10 Does the solution need to be flexible and tailored to fit specific needs?

11 Do you have a great need for continuous access to new features?

12 Is it important to be able to record your calls?

13 Do you want to be responsible for administering the service yourself?

That is so that you can add and remove users yourself, set up functions and activate SIM cards, for example.

14 Do you want your employees to be able to work from home?

15 Is it important to be able to use both fixed phones, mobile phones, and softphones?

16 Do you need access to IVR?

17 Is a server room a top priority to get rid of?

18 Do you want to continuously analyse and evaluate statistics to streamline and develop the PBX solution?

19 Is it important that the solution is scalable rather than cheap?

20 Is it important to be able to choose between a fixed or unbound binding period?

21 Do you want to be able to choose how long the notice period is?

22 Will you be in need of an unlimited amount of PBX services?


Now it is time to study your answers and get a result! So count all the YES responses you have registered.

Number of questions: 22

Number of YES answers: 

Based on the number of YES answers you’ve specified, here are your results:

14 to 22 = A cloud-based, flexible solution will fit your company perfectly

You need a cloud-based solution that focuses on functionality, simplicity and ease of use. You want to be flexible and easily be able to scale up and down when needed, because who knows what the economy will look like in a few years? We believe that a cloud-based PBX like the one Telavox offers might be the perfect investment for you.

7 to 14 = Your company will most likely benefit from a simple, cloud-based solution 

You are aware that a cloud-based PBX is the only way to go nowadays, and you most likely have one today, but you wonder if it is the best solution. You may not have a great need for a lot of new features or have access to an unlimited amount of PBX services. On the other hand, you’re looking for a customer-focused solution that makes life easier for your support team. Therefore, we believe that a cloud-based solution such as Telavox would suit you.


0 to 7 = You do not seem to need a new cloud-based solution right now 

You don’t seem to be in a rush to change PBX. Either you have a physical PBX that works properly, or your current cloud-based solution is fully adequate for your needs.

This is why a cloud PBX from Telavox might just be the one

With a cloud PBX from Telavox, you avoid unnecessary costs and can scale up and down smoothly. With us, you can combine our PBX services just as you like. You choose whether you want to invest in an unlimited number of PBX services – or just one. If you need a queue function, fax mailbox, or several voice mailboxes, you can easily add it.

Contact us if you want to know more about our solution!

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