Aurora TeleQ

Streamline the contact flow between care and patient.


Aurora teleQ is a communication solution that streamlines the contact flow between patient and care. The solution offers scheduled callback and scheduling for different channels such as telephone, text messages, chat, and video. With Aurora teleQ, you can simplify the staff’s daily work and create a better patient experience, resulting in increased availability, higher quality and a calmer work environment.

Is the integration for me?

Aurora teleQ is primarily made for care and dental care and suits both small and large enterprises.

How it works

Aurora teleQ always offers telephony as a contact and communication channel. Other options exist for efficient handling when the organisation can’t receive and manage all incoming calls immediately.

One of the main features is callback. Instead of hearing a busy tone and needing to wait in a queue, the caller will be given time for a callback. Using this feature, every caller gets an answer, and no calls are lost.

Aurora teleQ offers the caller a time for a call based on the company’s schedule. The caller can select a slot that works. The schedule is tailored to the organisation’s demands, and the number of admins can be optimised based on data regarding call traffic.

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