Contact center convenience with the Telavox integration


An efficient contact center is an important part of strong and professional customer care. By integrating Telavox with your contact center, you can make sure that your customers get the right support since all calls are routed from your PBX to the Zisson solution.

Telephony in Zisson

Zisson offers a contact center solution with more complex and advanced use cases than Telavox. It’s mostly used by support-heavy organisations with a lot of agents.

However, since they’re not an operator, they don’t have telephony in their system. This is where Telavox comes in. We send all the calls to the Zisson system so that the agents can spend all their time in the Zisson client. Convenient, isn’t it?

Enhanced customer service

With the Zisson contact center integrated with Telavox, you will always give the best possible customer service, with all the features you need in one cloud-based solution.

Integrated with Telavox, you enable a world of flexible communication and customer service solutions for inquiries from telephony, webchat, email, chatbot, social media, and text messages. Get rich statistics and data, and a cross-channel history of customer interaction, to optimise your customer journey and business communication strategy.

The integration is the perfect solution for all medium to large companies.

Integration features

How it works

  • We connect a regular SIP trunk to Zisson for the calls.
  • Zisson makes some requests to our open API to get the status of colleagues.
  • Agents now have telephony access in the Zisson client.

Questions about integrations?

Contact sales, your personal advisor or one of our certified partners to learn more.