Invest in the future of your business with IP telephony

Today, businesses need to be flexible and agile to stay ahead of their competitors. Operate more efficiently with the speed and innovation of our cloud-based IP telephony services. Lower costs-per-call. Greater mobility. Versatile features. Efficient customer interactions. Greater reliability. Plus much more!

Save time and money with flexible IP telephony

With IP telephony, fixed cables and telephone sockets are a thing of the past. All you need to make a call is an Internet connection. Here are some of the many benefits of VoIP (Voice over IP).

No expensive surprises

IP telephony only charges you monthly – since it depends on your Internet service provider. Fewer overhead expenses mean savings for your business! Telavox offers a transparent cost structure using a flexible licensing model instead of expensive subscriptions

Highly scalable

With IP telephony, you're not "locked" into any specific phone plan. Instead, you can pick and choose features as your business grows. In that sense, IP telephony is much more scalable than traditional phone systems. Telavox's intuitive admin user-interface gives you full flexibility to allocate licenses for your users – quick and simple self-service!

Worldwide access

IP telephony is wireless and portable and allows for employees to work remotely. A remote worker can handle calls on the other side of the country – or the world! Telavox leverages Voxbone’s global SIP-trunking service and can therefore offer numbers in more than 65 countries. Moreover, many Telavox customers use their Nordic accounts for their contact centers across the world.

Easy to integrate

Integrate IP phone services with ease into your existing infrastructure. Telavox handles the IP telephony upgrades for you, which means that you always have access to the latest technology.

Better video conferences

The conferencing capability is factored into the price of the IP phone service, unlike traditional landline telephones where it’s often an add-on service. IP phones offer video conferencing capabilities with better image quality than traditional video conferencing methods.

High-quality audio

Telavox’s IP telephony service supports HD voice, giving you high-quality audio directly through your computer or smartphone

All your communication in one place

Telavox’s PBX and telephony solution has all you need to communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues. It’s your company’s PBX, IP telephony, video conference, and chat – all gathered in a cloud-based platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine IP telephony with a mobile PBX or an on-premise PBX?

Yes, you can! Telavox also offers SIP-services to clients that only need agreements for data traffic.

Can I transfer my existing phone number to your IP telephony solution?

Yes, that’s not a problem. We accept all kinds of fixed telephone numbers.

Do you have a call recording function?

Yes, we have an add-on service for call recording – incoming as well as outgoing. You can listen to the calls in the Telavox app.

Does Telavox’s IP telephony service run through Telia’s network?

No, when it comes to IP telephony we’re our own fixed network operator.

Can I take calls on my fixed telephone number through your IP telephony service?

Yes, you answer the call as you usually do – either on your computer or through your desk phone.

Which IP telephones do you sell?

We sell Yealink T56 and T19, plus Gigaset C530.

See Telavox in action

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