PBX Phone Systems

Fixed and mobile telephony, and PBX. All your voice communication needs in one place.

Cross-platform support

Any device, any platform. Regardless of where a call happens - over cellular, PSTN or the internet - the experience and features are the same. Telavox is the only mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) leveraging TDC and Telia infrastructure across the Nordics. Keep in touch with colleagues and customers any way you choose. It’s your call.

Native mobile solution

Mobile subscriptions directly from Telavox. Self-service activation of SIM and eSim through one interface. Flexible data plans, including roaming. Only available in the Nordics. eSIM only in Sweden and Finland.


The new generation of SIM cards, eSIM, makes the user onboarding experience fast, simple and environmentally friendly.

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Fixed-mobile convergence

Mobile and fixed telephony over cellular, PSTN, wireless LAN, VoIP, and mVoIP on a single device. Phone numbers in +65 countries.

Cloud PBX

Sophisticated, affordable, flexible, secure. The exchange that grows with your business.
Enhance your call flows with advanced programmability options.

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IP telephony

Cheap, flexible and with perfect audio – to make calls through the internet is easier than ever with our complete solution. You can also connect a desk phone or wireless DECT phone.

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One app for web, mobile and desktop - one simple, unified home for all your communication. Use the same app to send text messages, chat and conference with colleagues and customers.

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Efficient call distribution

Quickly route calls to the right person. Greater team productivity. Better customer experience.

Smarter routing

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and skill-based routing intelligently pairs the customer with the right agent. Saving time, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity.

Advanced programmability

We connect via API to your existing CRM or ERP system and build automated custom flows for call handling, such as: 1. Receive incoming call; 2. make API call to CRM to check if caller's number belongs to a VIP customer; 3. If true, route call to dedicated account manager.

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Flexible pricing and contract

A system that grows with your business. Add, remove, or transfer licenses whenever you want. Simple admin. Low cost. No fuss.

Reassign licenses

Assign licenses to new colleagues. Remove them from those who’ve moved on. Quick. Simple.

Easy oversight

Keep track of unused licenses with automatic notifications. No waste. No problem.

See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.

Self-service admin portal

Manage users, licenses, costs, and security through one interface. Our network integration allows the mobile terminal to behave like a tightly integrated PBX-attached phone. Provision services and licences in the Mobile Network Operator via our portal - add and remove SIM and eSim, top-up data, manage PIN/PUK codes, and more*.
*In the Nordics

Less admin

Build templates for standard user settings. Manage SIM and eSIM, PIN/PUK, mobile data and roaming. Reset passwords and port numbers - all in just a few clicks.

Better control

Role-based access puts control in the hands of the right people. Limit mistakes by locking user settings. Reduce your burden by delegating responsibility of specific worksites to sub-admins.

Smarter invoicing

Invoices for individual users or worksites. Move users, services, or products between cost centers for clearer cost control. Easily view and cancel unused licenses, see data consumed, calls made, and messages sent.

Easier PBX

Setup a new PBX in hours not weeks. Modular building blocks makes it easy for admins to create, change and delete PBX services themselves, reducing the need for experts.

Explore other Telavox features

Contact Center

One app for both customer engagement and team collaboration. Route calls programmatically, monitor service levels in real-time.

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Telavox integrates with multiple systems, combining the power of your existing tech stack with the simplicity of a single hub.

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Voice, chat, video - get more from your workday. Connect and share with colleagues and customers.

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Service and support

Customer Success Managers and certified partners who know you and your business. With you every step of your day.

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See Telavox in action

We’d love to show you what Telavox can do for your business – contact us now to arrange a demonstration.