Operator Tusass brought Greenland’s telco business into the 21st century with Telavox

A customer success story


As a mobile operator, you may believe you are set up for success in the market for unified communications. You already have the customers, the network, and the infrastructure. But to win, you need to have the right mindset.

Sure, you can live off selling 5G, but it won’t take you to the next level. Disruptors and new challengers are moving into the field and using their dynamism and ability to quickly make changes to gain a foothold. But being an established business has its benefits. As an operator, you can use your infrastructure and exploit it for its purpose. Can’t beat the UCaaS players that are moving at the speed of light? Join them.

From basic to future-proof

Tusass is a Greenlandic postal and telecommunications company dating back to 1925. It is the largest telecommunications company in Greenland.

A few years ago, Tusass was on a quest to find a new PBX solution to integrate with their network. The solution they had been using for years just didn’t cut it anymore. To succeed in an increasingly competitive market, they needed to level up and offer a solution that was flexible, scalable, and provided a great user experience – something evergreen and “sticky”.

“The platform we used was fine regarding basic telephony, but they had a complex license structure and a low flow of new features. Our customers want something future-proof and adoptive for the rest of the cloud community”, says Thomas Hansen, Tusass’ Head of Business Development.

Thomas started working at Tusass in August 2017 and came in with the ambition to make a change. On this journey, he was looking for a partner in UCaaS with specific criteria: 100% cloud-based, agile, fast when deploying new customers, and easy to integrate with customers’ existing digital ecosystems such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, etc. An easy-to-use contact center solution was also on the wishlist.

The test environment was approved within weeks

Thomas had followed Telavox for years and thought the UCaaS would be a great fit. After some testing, he was quickly convinced.

“The proof of concept was ready within a few weeks. But then the real work began. We knew Telavox was a great platform, so much better than the one we used. However, it is a huge change and lots of work to implement a new UC platform and phase out an old one. We had to convince many stakeholders of the company. I spent 6 months doing lobbying work.”

Thomas Hansen, Head of Business Development, Tusass.

A customer success story

The hard work paid off. More than 50 companies were onboarded in the first four months alone, and plenty more are to come.

“The customers love it! Telavox UCaaS is like a swiss-army knife for business telephony. It works on every platform. If the receptionist can’t take the call, someone else will. It’s agile with low complexity. Telavox also made the desk phone obsolete – people just want to go with the app.”

Why Tusass chose Telavox – in their own words

  • “It’s easy.”
  • “It’s evergreen – new features are released constantly.“
  • “Telavox is responsive and listens to the ideas of partners and customers.”
  • “The business model is attractive since we don’t need to pay anything in advance – we are only invoiced when our customers are.”


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