Telavox business telephony

Our business telephony gives you the power to communicate seamlessly, whether you're in the office, on the go, or across the globe.

All the telephony you need, made even better thanks to our next-generation business communication tools.

Fixed and mobile business telephony, powered by the leading provider in every market.

Whether you’re looking for a 5G connection, unlimited data or a twin SIM connection, we've got options to suit every business.

Customised telephony to meet your business needs

Want to record your calls? Or get statistics on performance? How about verifying caller identity?
We’ve got you covered, with a seamless experience on mobile, softphone and desk phone.

Licences instead of contracts

Since our flexible licences aren’t tied to phone numbers or people, you can move them between employees as you like. Get greater cost control and adapt your telephony to fit your ever-changing business needs.

One supplier, one agreement

We use the leading carrier in every Nordic market, giving you unrivalled connectivity wherever you are. And with only one supplier, you don’t have to juggle different agreements or billing processes for different locations.

Go beyond telephony

All our telephony packages include UCaaS licences, giving you access to our powerful business communication software. Combine telephony with chat, call center, video conferencing and PBX services, all in one platform.

What makes Telavox the superior choice for business telephony?

Text, talk, surf and more

We go beyond traditional telco offerings to provide a full communication service that meets the needs of modern businesses.

All-in-one platform

Voice, chat, and collaboration tools plus PBX and Contact Center merge into one seamless interface. It's straightforward, scalable, and smart.

Integrate with other systems

Telephony and automated call routing, connected to the platforms you use every day. Integrate with Microsoft Teams, your CRMs, verification tools and more!

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Telephony options to meet your business needs

HD voice codec for superior sound quality

Our telephony is powered by the leading provider in every market, giving you lightning-fast data and crystal-clear calls. Welcome to the next-gen network.


Instant activation, seamless network switching. Say goodbye to physical SIM cards.

Twin SIM

One user, multiple devices. Ultimate convenience for staying connected.

International roaming

You can use your chosen data package anywhere you go in the EU. Need to travel further? We have various roaming options available.
You can also stay connected and call just like being at home thanks to the Telavox app.

Discover the best options for your business

We'll show you how to take your telephony to the next level.