PBX services

Manage your incoming calls with customisable queues and programmable call flows.

Efficient call distribution

Get your callers to where they need to go. That means a better customer experience for them, and stress-free work days for your awesome agents.

Smarter routing for smarter businesses

You’ve got a team full of experts. Let them shine.
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and skill-based routing intelligently pairs the caller with the right agent. Save time, increase customer satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Integrate with the tools you use every day

Choose one of our pre-built third-party integrations or create a custom-built call flow to meet your business needs. Pull contact details from your CRM, sync call data with other platforms, or trigger actions based on caller information detected by API. Combine integrations and nodes to create a call experience that fits you and your customers.

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Make phone calls cool again

Our PBX is packed with cool stuff. Callback, queueing systems, sound management, unified mailboxes, blind and attended transfer, call parking, active directory sync, and much much more. We give you the tools you need to make your calling experience awesome.

Play with blocks

Modular building blocks make it easy for admins to create, change and delete PBX services themselves. No need for specialists, you and your agents can create whatever you need.

One platform across every location

Telavox allows your entire company to seamlessly collaborate on a
single platform, across borders.
Telephony coverage from the leading provider in each country is seamlessly integrated with our advanced PBX platform. No more juggling dual providers; we offer a unified experience across the Nordics.

Mix & match services to meet your business needs

Call queues

Distribute incoming calls to queues, manned by as many agents as you need.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Callers use the phone keypad to click their way to the right person or department.

Shared voicemail

A common voicemail inbox which your agents can access by phone, app or online.

Fax mailbox

Convert incoming faxes into PDF files.

Shared extension

Connect your conference phone, analogue fax or door phone to your PBX system.

Need to go further?

Enhance your PBX functionality by using Programmability.
Create more complex routing, pull information from external platforms like CRM systems and more!

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