Customise your PBX with advanced functionality to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Simple set-up. Powerful results.

With our programmability tools you can tailor your Telavox experience to meet your needs.
By customising the display or adjusting a caller’s journey, you can build a platform that works for you. Mix and match nodes and tools to build something unique – the only limit is your imagination.

Advanced Nodes

Add extra elements to your PBX to take your call centre experience from good to amazing.
Automate processes to speed up customer service, provide key information to agents and boost efficiency.

Use keypad inputs for enhanced call flows

Insert a node to request keypad inputs from callers.
Prompt callers to easily enter information via their telephone keypad and use this to customise their call experience.

Use cases:
Add extra security or verification by requiring a code for VIP queues.

Take action based on customer ID or order number.

HTTP Requests

Pull key information from other systems and trigger responses in the call flow. Access information from your CRM, sales platform or in-house IT system and use it to offer truly exceptional customer service.

Use cases:
Cross-reference a caller’s order number with a sales platform and play a pre-recorded message based on order status.

Automatically find a caller’s open support requests in your ticketing system and display them to your agent.

Widget builder

Give your agents all the info they need in your call widget – available before they even answer the call.

Key information at a glance

Insert useful information about the caller into the agent’s display. Prioritise the details you require to meet the needs of your customers.

Use cases:
Display the caller’s account manager so you know which colleagues to loop in.

Automatically show customer’s account status to give your agents a head start.

Direct links are just a click away

Streamline your operations with clickable links directly in the call widget. Eliminate the need to manually search in other platforms by allowing your agent to get more information with a single click.

Use cases:
Open a customer’s contact page in your CRM to eliminate the need for manual data collection.

Get directed straight to open support requests so you understand the issues before answering the call.

Want some inspiration?

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Integrate with security platforms like BankID to deliver trusted and efficient caller verification.

Verify customer identity during the call flow

Insert a BankID node into the PBX to automatically request caller identification before they’re connected to an agent.
Know exactly who you’re talking to, and get all the information you need before you even answer the call.

Trigger a verification request during a call

Ask callers to confirm their identity easily and quickly using a BankID request sent straight to their phone. Perfect for confirming important actions like updating payment details.

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