Maintaining Customer Service During a Pandemic

We are in unprecedented times during this pandemic experiencing challenges that have never faced in our lifetime. For businesses, there have been even tougher times as we live and operate in a digital world where we are so dependent upon technology to run our businesses successfully.

Traditional on-premise technology has proved extremely challenging to manage and scale during this pandemic and providing the same level of customer service for some businesses has been almost impossible, during this session we will talk about the challenges businesses have faced, the effects on customer service and the end-user experience. and also how technology can adapt to a remote workforce whilst still offering the same levels of service we are so used to.

What impact is the pandemic having on customers/sales and how can you overcome some of these challenges quickly and easily. What business leaders need to consider to maintain customer service during the pandemic and ensure that their customers do not churn away Understand how cloud technology could provide deeper insight and understanding into how you are performing with customer service and meeting your customer needs.