A unified dental care thanks to Telavox

Lisa Linder, Digital System Manager at Aqua Dental

Aqua Dental

A Swedish dental care chain founded in 2010.


Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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About the company

Aqua Dental is a dental care chain that was founded in 2010. During 2014, things really sped up – under new leadership, the mission became to change the Swedish dental care as we know it. The goal was that no one should feel that it’s boring, tedious or scary to visit the dentist. Since then, they established 9 clinics, recruited over 350 employees, and helped thousands of patients to maintain or restore their smiles.

The challenge

8 clinics with different operators became too messy, expensive, and time-consuming for Aqua Dental. Since 2012, however, all offices have the same telephony supplier: Telavox. The improvements are many: better communication between the departments, reduced costs, and substantially less administrative hassle.

Challenging with employees in different locations

Aqua Dental has a total of 350 employees in 8 clinics in Stockholm and 2 in Gothenburg. Lisa Linder is the Digital System Manager at the company, and she says that maintaining communication between employees in different places has been a challenge. But everything has become better and more efficient since they implemented Telavox.

The solution

From slightly sceptical to super satisfied

Today, Aqua Dental has all their telephony under the same roof. Lisa and her colleagues have gone from being sceptical to very positive.

“The human factor is the most important thing to keep in mind. You need the staff with you when making changes. I started motivating them by using arguments related to their workday, like easier internal communication, for example. I also highlighted that the patients would get the same experience no matter which clinic they visited. Everyone thought that sounded reasonable”, Lisa says.

“We have been Telavox clients since 2012. I did almost all of the implementation myself, and when I got stuck, I quickly got assistance from our Telavox Customer Success Manager at the time.”

Cost-effective and easy to administer

Lisa is very pleased with the solution. They save hours of work each month by not getting bogged down by the administration, and it’s considerably more cost-effective with just one supplier. She thinks that the solution is easy to use, so even if she isn’t at the office, someone else can easily take the reins.

“Even though it’s been messy at times since we’ve grown quickly, Telavox has kept up. The support of our Customer Success Manager is great if we need help. We quickly get new headsets, phones and porting of new numbers and firewalls to the clinics.”

Lisa Linder, Digital System Manager at Aqua Dental

The result

Today, it’s also easier for Lisa to keep track of the statistics that help them maintain a high customer service level.

“All the stats are now gathered in the same place. I know the exact amount of incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, and how many are forwarded to the voicemail. I can also see how quick we are at taking calls. It’s important to keep track of the data to improve and analyse”, Lisa says.


Lisa Linder-Aqua Dental

Lisa Linder, Digital System Manager at Aqua Dental.


Thorough with information security

Since Aqua Dental conducts patient care, they need to be extra careful regarding information security. There are restrictions among employees regarding who can say what to patients, and there are different levels of access for their digital systems.

“For instance, our service centre isn’t allowed to answer care issues because of GDPR. We are rigorous about being compliant. Telavox’s flexible PBX solution ensures that I can manage the PBX according to our needs when patients choose between different keypad options. The patient shouldn’t have to wait to get an answer when they call – they should get to the right person or department directly.”