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ABUS Nordic

Provides security solutions to individuals and businesses in the Nordic region.


Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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About the company

Many will recognise the name ABUS in everyday life. Especially on our bicycle helmets, locks, and child safety devices, but also professional and highly advanced video surveillance and alarm systems. ABUS has provided security solutions to individuals, companies, and cyclists on the go since 1924, allowing us to live our lives in worry-free security.

ABUS Nordic covers the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish markets and consists of 80+ employees at offices in these four countries.

The challenge

Ole Eghøj is an internal IT consultant at ABUS Nordic and works in the department that, in his own words, handles everything that can be powered. Whether it’s AV equipment, IT, or telephony. He is also a self-proclaimed thorough man who does his homework. 

Ole Eghøj, internal IT consultant at ABUS Nordic.

ABUS Nordic was looking for a unified communication solution that could meet the needs of the entire Nordic organisation with over 80 employees in the Nordics. At the same time, colleagues in the different countries wanted the freedom to maintain their best network locally. 

Ole states, “We needed to integrate all colleagues into the same solution so we could always see who was available and easily transfer calls. “We couldn’t do that with our existing communication solution.”

Charged with the job of finding a common telephony system for the Nordic organisation, he explored several relevant providers but was unable to find one that could cover the areas ABUS was interested in. 

At that time, Ole hadn’t heard of Telavox. “Then ‘that annoying salesperson’ called and said we should talk. So, that’s what we did.”

The solution

ABUS had already completed their internal requirement specifications ahead of the meeting with Telavox. 

“I knew what we wanted. We had a lot of requirements. It was a process of finding out if it was the right match and if the solutions Telavox could offer were the right ones. Whether we could get the coverage we wanted,” says Ole. 


One joint solution for the Nordic region

“One deciding factor was that with Telavox, ABUS would be able to implement their solution for the entire Nordic organisation in one single PBX in the cloud. In fact, that was the whole idea behind the switch. And then it became Telavox.”

The unified cloud PBX consolidates all of ABUS’ communication across national borders. It is now easy for the colleagues in ABUS to see each other’s availability, transfer calls, and chat with one another throughout the entire Nordic organisation. 

“We were looking for a solution that would cover our entire Nordic organisation – Telavox was the only one that could!” says Ole. 


Network coverage throughout the Nordic region

In ABUS, each country has chosen its own telecommunication network. They wanted to continue with these to ensure the best possible coverage throughout urban and rural areas of the Nordic region. So, it was an important spec requirement that they could continue to use these networks – and as it turned out, this item on the list could also be checked off. 

“Another important advantage is that colleagues in each country could stay with the providers they already knew provide good coverage,” says Ole. 

The cloud-based PBX is 100% mobile and gives users the exact same experience regardless of their location or platform. 


The users are in charge

“There are several advantages compared to where we came from,” he continues. “Where we think, this is cool.”

Among these that rank high on the list is the way users have a high degree of control and flexibility compared to our previous telephone solution. “We can afford the users some extra room as they can manage their own opening times and speaks and so on. It’s just cool. Even if we knew it beforehand.” 


The result

”The new cloud PBX allows collaboration between our Nordic countries to flow at an entirely new level,” says Ole. “The interface is super user-friendly, and we colleagues have gained a lot more freedom and flexibility.”

“Onboarding and support have also been smooth,” he adds. “We have been using the new solution for six months now, and at no point have we regretted it. At no point have I thought, I don’t want to deal with this. If there has been a small setback at the beginning, we have discussed it with our partner at Telavox who has solved it promptly.”

“The absolute best thing about Telavox? It must be that it meets our needs. That’s the short answer,” says Ole. “It’s fantastic. I’m very satisfied.”

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