Telavox aims to be an organisation free from misconduct, where all employees strive to handle both each other and the public in a proper manner. In this effort, the Telavox whistleblowing function is a crucial complement to other internal channels for reporting matters of public interest.

The whistleblowing service is designed in accordance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive and in accordance with the applicable data protection rules within the EU.

Who can use the whistleblowing service?

All employees, jobseekers, trainees, consultants, volunteers and other people who currently have a work-related relationship with Telavox. This also applies to people who have previously had a work-related relationship with Telavox and received or obtained information during their time with the business.

What can be reported?

The Telavox whistleblowing service enables all employees to report suspicions of misconduct in a work-related context where there is a public interest in its disclosure.

Misconduct that warrants public interest disclosure typically involves acts and omissions contrary to the law and, in some cases, regulations, provisions, or ordinances. This could be misconduct in areas such as:

  • financial services, products and markets and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • privacy and personal data protection.
  • security of network and information systems.

Issues outside the described scope, such as workplace dissatisfaction, should not be reported using the whistleblowing service.

How to report?

Reporting is done anonymously through the web-based reporting channel provided by our external supplier, WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre AB.